Agunacotol.jpgAgnaktor, the leviathan of the magma.
Monster TypeLeviathan
HabitatsVolcano (MH3)
AppearancesMonster Hunter 3

Agnaktor is a creature first featured in Monster Hunter 3. Unique amongst the Leviathan family in that it lives in the Volcanic area. It has a similar body to Lagiacrus, and uses this to its advantage by swimming through lava as well as creating holes in the ground to dig through with it's drill like beak.

There is also the juvenile form of Agnaktor, called Uroktor although they do not have any lava in their body or glow hot red.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: "

Appearance: Agnaktor has a large serpentine body with a dorsal fin running down the majority of its body. It has large, hook-like claws on all of its feet as well as a large drill-like beak. Large patches of lava cover its head, chest, limbs, body and tail.

Nature: While fighting enemies intruding on its territory, it snaps its mouth rapidly, creating sparks and then firing a streaming beam of heat similar to Gravios. While digging out from under the rock sheets above the liquid magma in the volcano, it spins its body and sometimes will even stop with only half of its body exposed. As it stays out of the lava, the weak points of its body, its chest and head, are protected by hardening lava cooling into a stone armor. This armor melts back into lava the next time it touches lava however.

[edit] Combat

Agnaktor fights a lot like Lagiacrus does on land with some distinct differences. Agnaktor will slam his rock-like beak into the ground repeatedly and swiftly, as well as his aforementioned heat beam. Keep in mind that this heat beam is not blockable without the Guard Up armor skill.

Once underground he has several attacks that he can use, first is jumping entirely out of the ground, marked a pool of magma forming where he'll jump. Next is exposing half of his body and firing a deadly beam. Next popping out before diving right back in and charging anything on the surface with his dorsal fin. Also, he has an attack where he will leap from the ground in a spinning motion toward the hunter before digging back into the ground. Lastly he'll jump out of the ground and dig into the ceiling, then back into the ground. He'll repeat this attack several times. Keep in mind that while Agnaktor has his heated armor, all of his attack will have a fire element to them, causing added damage to anyone with low fire resistence.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

While Agnaktor may handle similarly to the Lagiacrus, do not be fooled. Agnaktor is in a league all on its own. Perhaps the first note to remember is that the Agnaktor only appears in the heated areas of the Volcano, so be sure to be prepared whether that includes Heat Resistence or bringing Cool Drinks. You don't want your health to be constantly drained! Agnaktor's attacks and patterns consist mainly of digging and resurfacing.

Agnaktor has many attacks involving digging such as leaps, jumps, dives, and such. When not digging, Agnaktor's attacks are very similar to that of the Lagiacrus including a sliding lunge and a side lunge as well as a biting attack and a tail sweep. Unique to the Agnaktor, it also has a head slamming attack where it repeatedly smashes its beak into the ground while moving forward.

Entirely unique to Agnaktor, it is covered from head to tail in armor. When the Agnaktor touches lava or digs, this armor softens and can be easily attacked. However, after some time passes, this armor cools down and hardens drastically, requiring very high sharpness to get through normally.

The Agnaktor also boasts a very powerful Heat Beam. This beam is relatively easy to see coming as the Agnaktor will click its jaws together to light the beam. If its armor is hardened, attack it's stomach,which softens during beam attacks. This beam is not blockable without the Guard Up armor skill and has infinite range straight out from Agnaktor's mouth in a straight line.

Similarly to the Diablos, Agnaktor is weak to sonic bombs when digging. It acts similarly to a pitfall trap and keeps the Agnaktor's armor soft due to it being half buried. However, also similarly to the Diablos, sonic bombs will NOT work when Agnaktor is in rage mode. You can identify when the Agnaktor is in rage mode when small flames can be seen in its beak (similar to when either Rathalos or Rathian are in rage mode).

Out of all the monsters in the game, Agnaktor perhaps the most breakable parts of any monster. On Agnaktor, the head, chest, back, and all four claws can be broken as well as being able to break and then sever its tail.

[edit] Carves

Agnaktor can be carved a maximum of 4 times. The body can be carved 3 times, and the tail 1 time.

[edit] Low-Rank


[edit] High-Rank


[edit] Glacial Agnaktor

The Glacial Agnaktor lives in the Tundra. In general, Glacial Agnaktors are slightly smaller than Agnaktors. Glacial Agnaktors are fought in much the same way as normal Agnaktors. They share the same armored areas that can be broken, and have similar attacks. Glacial Agnaktors have armor that is hardened when they dive underground, however, unlike normal Agnaktors, the armor of which melts underground. Glacial Agnaktors have armor that melts only when the armored part stays above ground for a period of time. All laser attacks are water-based rather than fire, and Glacial agnaktors have a longer side-bash attack that allows them to slide further.

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