Akantor Solo-Kill Tips, Gunlance (MHF2)

[edit] Akantor Solo-Kill Tips for Gunlances

Composed by Necrus

These tips will teach you how to slay the Akantor with a Gunlance. For a general guide on Akantor please see the Complete Akantor Guide.

  • Recommended weapon: the Gun Chariot, made with Silver Rathalos materials, or any Dragon Element lance/gunlance
  • Recommended armor: Anything with defense over 400, optional Guard +1/+2 and Guard Up useful ('Haku' or 'Gravios S')

Items you should have:

10 Potions

10 Mega Potions

5 Flash Bombs

5 Mega Juice

5 Cool Drinks

5 Armorskins

20 Whetstones

10 Herbs

10 Blue Mushrooms

10 Honey

Book of Combo 1

Book of Combo 2

>>> At the beginning of the quest, wait for the Akantor to charge at you, when he is close enough throw a flash bomb to stun him, use this time to drink a Cool Drink and Mega Juice to prepare

>>> Run to his sides and find an opening to go under him, pull our your gunlance and stay close to his belly Jab at him until you have to guard again, practice will let you predict each attack, always stay on guard if you are unsure of the attack. Jab at him whenever he is open

>>> If he goes underground, put away your gunlance and keep running away from the Akantor until he comes up again, then resume attacking once he is fully above ground

>>> If and when you run out of potions, combine new ones with Herb and Mushroom and add honey for Mega

>>> Use Flash Bombs when you need to sharpen or desperate healing - only sharpen when your sharpness falls under green

>>> If you are hit with his upward fang attack, it will lower your defense greatly and you will be surrounded with blue and white clouds, counter this with Armorskin, it will bring your defense back to normal

>>> Don't forget Cool Drinks :P

>>> When he is enraged, he attacks slightly faster, so limit your attacks to stay on guard

>>> When he leans up to roar, guard it, once it's guard you can leave the guard to move up to get 3-6 free jabs him

>>> Wyvern Blast him whenever you get the chance, but only at safe times such as right AFTER an attack

>>> HAPPY HUNTING <<< - Necrus

A small afternote for this guide, I hope Necrus doesn't mind.

Akantor's roar is unique to other monsters in that it can hit you a second time. I got caught by this a lot of times before I caught onto it, I'd block the initial blast and try to attack while he was vulnerable only to be knocked aside or killed by the second burst. There's a simple way to make sure this doesn't get you killed: watch your stamina. The roar takes off 25 stamina (a rations worth) per hit. If there will be only one blast then you will lose fifty in one go. If there will be a second burst then you will lose only half the first time so keep guarding.

Hope this is helpful,


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