Armor is the basic gear that protects the player from various attacks and hazards. There are five main pieces of armor a player can equip at any one time, the Helmet, Plate Mail, Gauntlets, Tasset/Belt, and Leggings. These pieces of armor come in monster-themed 'sets', such as the Yian Kut-Ku Set, which has pieces that match each other, as well as conferring Fire Resistance, and skills. ( Skills ) More powerful monsters tend to have armor that gives greater protection from attacks, but is also hard to craft due to the rarity of materials and the difficulty of the monster in question. Therefore, a 'hopping' method is required, where the player defeats a monster slightly stronger than him/herself, creates its armor, and battles another, even more powerful monster.


[edit] Smithy

In all monster hunter games the vast majority of armor and weapons must be crafted by a smith, either online or offline. The smithy requires the hunter to collect the needed materials in order to craft a piece of a set along with enough zenny for payment. Most often, materials for sets are carved from slain monsters and mining for ores.

Not every armor set is directly visible to the hunter in the crafting screen, but will come visible once the required item is obtained.

[edit] Set Differences

Primarily, Armor is split into two types: Gunner, and Blademaster. Gunner is for players who use ranged weapons, such as the Light Bowgun or Bow, and Bladmaster armor is for players who use melee weapons, like Great swords or a Hammer. Blademaster armor tends to have much higher defensive value, sometimes as much as double the value of the same set on the Gunner side. Gunner and Blademaster skills are different because of the differing attack style. Gunner armors tend to have higher elemental resistance values than their Blademaster counterparts.

[edit] Skills

Almost every armor piece comes with skill points, such as Attack +1 or Protection -2. When the player wears a full armor set, the sum of all the positive and negative skill points comes together to create a skill, such as Attack Up (Medium), or Demonic Protection. These skills tend to reflect on the monster whose armor set it is themed after.

For more information see Skills

[edit] Resistances

Every Piece a set comes with resistances to certain element. Every piece contributes some value to the total amount the hunter receives. Sometimes receiving a negative value which increases the amount of damage when hit by that element.

Damage isn't the only thing that resistances effect. The higher the resistances negate the corresponding elemental blight that one receives otherwise. If the hunter has a high enough fire resistance, then they can't be set on fire. If the value is negative or zero, then the hunter will receive a greater version of fire blight and it will take longer to extinguish the flames.

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