Attack Up

Attack Up is the most constant and reliable way of boosting your damage over time. Depending on your chosen weapon class, your attack is raised by a set number of points for each level of Attack Up that you manage to activate.

[edit] How To Get Attack Up

To activate the three incremental versions of Attack Up, you will require the following number of Attack skillpoints:

  • Attack Up (Small) - 10points.
  • Attack Up (Medium) - 15points.
  • Attack Up (Large) - 20points.

In order to accumulate Attack skillpoints, you will require the following armor decorations:

  • Attack Jewel - 1 slot (Attack +1).
  • Fierce Jewel - 2 slots (Attack + 3,Defense -1).
  • Strongest Jewel - 3 slots (Attack +5,Defense -1).

Some armor sets are naturally geared towards Attack Up and are perfect for anybody that likes their weapons to pack a bit of extra punch. The following armor sets add to your Attack skill, although some give more points than others so pick which set suits you best! :

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