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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Awards Guide

This guide is for unlocking the various awards received in the Guild Card by completing heroic and extraordinary objectives in the world of monster hunter.

I will start from the top left and go sideways for the associated squares, naming each award and description and how to obtain it.

(Picture wanted with all awards)

1. Village Chief’s Glove: Proof of completing Pokke Beginner Quests. Earned a present from the Chief. Unlock >>>>>> Village 1-2 star?

2. Village Chief’s Hat: Proof of completing Pokke Intermediate Quests. Shows courage in the brutal cold. Unlock >>>>>> Village 3-5 star?

3. Village Chief’s Scarf: Proof of completing Pokke Hard Quests. When worn, it is quite warm. Unlock >>>>>> 6 star (urgent quests)?

4. Village Chief’s Coat: Proof of completing all Pokke Quests. Proves one is a first-class hunter. Unlock >>>>>> All village quests

5. Mane Necklace: Proof of slaying a Kirin. Retains the beauty of its thousand-year mane. Unlock >>>>>> Slay a Kirin

6. Blood Onyx: Proof of slaying an Akantor. Its brilliance captivates the soul. Unlock >>>>>> Slay an Akantor

7/8. Mini/king crown: (no description yet) Unlock >>>>>> get all miniature/ king sized monsters

9. Bronze Medal: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall * and ** Quests. No longer a novice. Unlock >>>>>> complete all * and ** star Gathering Hall quests

10. Silver Medal: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall *** to ***** Quests. Shows true courage. Unlock >>>>>> Complete all *** to ***** star Gathering Hall quests.

11. Gold medal: (No description yet) Unlock >>>>>> complete all gathering hall quests.

12. Black Belt Badge: Proof of passing all Battle Training at the Training School. This protects you. Unlock >>>>>> complete all battle training. Every monster with all 5 weapons.

13. Expert Badge: Proof of passing all Special Training at the Training School. Unlock >>>>>> complete all special training (Every monster, every weapon)

14. Legend Badge: Proof of passing all Group Training at the Training School. Sign of true power. Unlock >>>>>> complete group training. For this one you must do every monster but with only one weapon.

15. Rare Species Report: Record of the incredibly powerful colored monsters. Confirms all rare breeds. Unlock >>>>>> Kill all monsters and colour variations?

16. Ecology species report: (no description yet) Unlock >>>>>> Capture all monsters and colour variations?

17. Azure Stone: Pure piece of Machalite Ore. Beautiful, it is proof of Mining Area development. Unlock >>>>>> Mining Points upgraded to level 3

18. Great Hornfly: Rare insect found in this area. Proves development of insect gathering area. Unlock >>>>>> Insect Thickets upgraded to level 3

19. Springnight Carp: Splendid pink-scaled fish found during spring. Proves Fishing Pier development. Unlock >>>>>> Fishing Pier upgraded to level 2

20. Dosbiscus: A rare red flower found in an area with deep snow. Proof of Field development. Unlock >>>>>> Field Rows upgraded to level 2

21. Grateful Letter: A letter from a grown-up Felyne saying, “Thanks, you were a great master, meow!” Unlock >>>>>> All Felyne chefs at level 9

22. Sage’s Bracelet: Proof of combining proficiency. Feels like you can use anything, anytime. Unlock >>>>>> Complete all combining possibilities.

23. Wyverian Hammer: (no description yet) Unlock >>>>>> have all weapons as a guild card title. (Collect rare weapons of each type.)

24. Hunter’s Progress: Map recording your hunting trek. Proof of travel to all game areas. Unlock >>>>>> clear 20 quests in all areas, in other words obtain all area guild card titles. (Tower, Forest & Hills, Volcano, Mountains, Swamp, Desert, Jungle.)

Thanks guys. I know it's a bit messy and i will add more on unlocking other training and Etc. Hope it helps people trying to get some awards! ( and someone please help me with the awards i have no description for. i have not got these ones yet)

this FAQ remains property of frogsta. if you would like to use it just let me know and show a reference to me please.

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