Barrel Bombs

Barrel Bombs are Barrels full of Gunpowder that explode when exposed to certain conditions and cause a set amount of damage to monsters.

With the Bombardier armor skill activated, not only do the strength of your bombs increase, but your chance of producing them through combining is always 100 percent! Great for cranking even more bombs in the middle of quest when you need that little extra bit of punch, so long as you have the proper materials in your inventory.

These Bombs come in a variety of forms, each with individual characteristics and means of detonation. It should be noted that Barrel Bombs can't be used in the rain.

[edit] Bomb Varieties

  • Large Barrel Bomb
    • Requires impact damage or a Small Barrel Bomb to detonate.
    • Can be made by combining Large Barrel + Gunpowder.
    • Can knock flying enemies hovering in one spot out of the air if detonated directly beneath them.
    • Can be upgraded into a Large Barrel Bomb+ by combining it with a Scatterfish.
  • Small Barrel Bomb
    • Is able to be used as an incendiary device to trigger larger bombs, and has its own fuse.
    • Does minimal damage and isn't worth using as a weapon.
    • Can be made by combining a Small Barrel with a Fire Herb.
    • Can be combined with Burst Arrowana to make Small Barrel Bomb+.
    • Has a limited sonic effect, something with approx. half the radius of a Sonic Bomb. Effective against Cephalos, Cephadrome, and the Yian Kut-Ku
  • Bounce Bomb
    • Can be placed on the ground and will set itself off to fly up in the air and detonate.
    • Can be made by combining a Small Barrel with a Vespoid Wing.
    • Can be combined with Bomb Arrowana to make Bounce Bomb+

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