Boruborosu.jpgThe Desert Charger
Monster TypeBrute Wyvern
WeaknessesWith Mud: Water/ Ice Without Mud: Fire
HabitatsSandy Plains
First AppearanceMonster Hunter 3

Barroth is a new monster exclusively featured in Monster Hunter 3. Part of the new Brute Wyvern family introduced in this game. It has a large cranial skull similar to that of a large rock which it uses as a ramming tool. It also uses the protruding teeth like parts on the top of it's skull to hide in desert marshes, until disturbed.

Laying below mud in bogs throughout the desert region, Barroth breathe through their nostrils much like a real-life hippopotamus. This is probably because as cold-blooded creatures, they are highly susceptible to the desert heat. They cover themselves in mud to cool itself; it seems the Barroth cannot or is very inefficient at cooling its own body naturally, either through sweatting or through panting. The Barroth will be content to lay under the covers of the mud all day. Until they are disturbed, that is, any thing unfortunate enough to tread upon a Barroth's bog will be met with a flurry of mud followed by a charge. Barroth can also inflict a status on you by shaking mudballs into the air. If hit by one, you drastically slow down and become an easy target. This status can be removed by using a Cleanser, having Cha-Cha smack you, or, if using Wii Remote and Nunchuck, shaking the Wii Remote removes the status faster than waiting. Spinning the left stick and continually pressing A on the Classic Controller may yield the same results.

The creature also uses dried mud layers on its body as an armor of sorts, breaking this coat makes the beast more susceptible to the desert heat and attacks, but also makes the beast go back to any nearby mud to roll in to add a new layer. Damage to the body is still taken however and even the tail can be cut off while a layer of mud is on it. Each subsequent layer is initially fairly weak, but when it dries it will harden.

The cranial crown on Barroth's head can be destroyed, resulting in an increased chance of obtaining 'Barroth Scalp' in rewards.


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[edit] Elemental weakness

The Barroth is a special case. When it has mud on it's body, it's elemental weakness is water, supposedly referring to how water can wash out it's mud. When there is no mud, however, the Barroth's weakness is fire. As odd as this is, it seems the Barroth holds a deeper relationship with the desert mud than from simple observation.

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Barroth Guides

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