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The Black Fatalis is one of the three Fatalis Dragons that has appeared in each monster hunter game. They are all extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by the most experienced of hunters. The Black Fatalis is arguable the easiest one of the three. Although he has the most health out of the three dragons, and his attacks are the easiest to dodge, they aren't as frequent as the other Fatalis'. Even though he is considered the easiest, he is still incredibly difficult to fight, and should not be taken lightly. Like all the Fatalis, his scales are extremely hard, making it very hard for weapons to penetrate. Fatalis are some of the few monsters in the games to have instant kill moves. This means that no matter how much defence you have if that attack hits you, you will die.

[edit] Breakable Parts

Throughout the two to four round battle with a Black Fatalis it is possible to break off various pieces of its body, almost ensuring you recieve these pieces in rewards following the quest.

The pieces include:

Three of his four horns, though it should be noted that the larger break twice.

His chest, the grey scales break away to reveal a bright green underskin.

Lastly, his wings deteriorate as he takes damage as a whole and can be used as a visual key to the dragon's overall health.

[edit] Downloadable Fatalis

This is unlike the unlockable in the way that it is a one round battle. You will be given 50 minutes to kill it. The quest "The legend of schrade" is slightly more difficult than the unlockable. Fatalis will be given less health, and if it is attacked by a group of hunters, it will die in no time at all.

The Akantor Bow is a weapon used to solo farm it. If used with adrenaline and heroics, the battle can be as quick as around 15 minutes.

[edit] Guides

Black Fatalis Guides

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