Cg21.jpgRuler of the Mountain
Monster TypePelagus
HabitatsSnowy Mountains
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Freedom 2

The Blangonga is the larger version of the Blango and can be a very tricky monster to fight because of how fast it moves. The Blangonga is found in the Snowy Mountains and the variation can be found the Desert. Because of their speed, they have become problematic for many hunters, generally for starting characters. Their attacks vary, according to their location. When in the Snowy Mountains they will use ice attack that will freeze you, while in the Desert they will throw sand balls that will simply knock you to the ground. Blangongas can also summon blango's to attack you by roaring and causing the blangos to leap out of the ground.

There is a new variant of this creature with red fur and a blue face that resides in the desert zones of the Kokoto Region and Pokke Region deserts. Rather than throwing snow it takes rocks from under the sand as well as throwing multiple rocks while jumping into the air.


[edit] Tips

  • The Blangonga is weak to Fire element, and it is possible to break the beast's Fangs with it. By breaking the Fangs, the Blangonga can no longer summon Blangos.

  • The Blangonga is able to remove Paintballs from itself, making it hard to keep track of at times.

  • The Blangonga has a habit of limping away and jumping to another zone when it is weak, so try and finish it off before it can escape.

[edit] Copper Blangonga

Copper Blangonga
Copperblangonga.pngThe Desert Ape
Monster TypePelagus
HabitatsDesert Old Desert
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Freedom Unite

A sub-species of Blangonga, the Copper Blangonga is a new addition in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Living exclusively in the Desert, the Copper Blangonga is a very aggressive member of the Pelagus class.

Unlike the standard Blangonga, this species is weakest to Ice element and resistant to Fire, and is also unable to summon any Blangos to help it in battle. It has a tendency to throw huge boulders at you and loves to roar. The Copper Blangonga has metallic limbs that a Blademaster will need very good Sharpness to penetrate.

It is possible to break the fang and tail of the Copper Blangonga by using any Ice weapon, and the Gunner armour that can be made from its parts is among the best.

[edit] Guides

Blangonga Guides

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