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[edit] Cephadrome Guide

by breezy, 2008.

[edit] If Meleeing:

Draw the Cephadrome out of the sand in whatever way that you choose. Then attack the head because the attacks that eminate from this part of the body are easy to avoid. (If you attack the tail and bottom, you are at risk of being hit by either the tail swing, or the hip check attack. Stay clear unless you're experienced.)

At some point the cephadrome may vanish completely, this means that it will soon pop its head back up to fire a sand ball at you. This gives you the perfect oportunity to land a good few hits on its head and neck area, brilliant if you use a great sword, get chargin' that sword! Pretty soon, you'll have a very dead Cephadrome on your hands!

Potential hazards:

  • Tail Swing (very annoying but avoidable)
  • Hip Check (extremely annoying and very hard to avoid, so take care.)

[edit] If Gunning

Draw the Cephadrome out of the sand in whatever way that you choose. For you gunners, this wyvern you'd be no problem just because you do not have to get even remotely close to hit it. You can fire at any part of the body, but I'd recommend crag or clust shots at the head (assuming you're good at aiming). That's pretty much all there is to say because there aren't many tactics involved if you're gunning.

Potential Hazards: Virtually none except for when he fires sand balls at you. Just roll out of the way ;)

Good luck, he shouldn't give you too much trouble.

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