Rendered-cephalos.pngThe piscine of the sands.
Monster Type:Piscine
Weaknesses:Fire and Thunder
Old Desert
First Appearance:Monster Hunter
Appears In:Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2
Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Cephalos is a semi-aggressive fish-monster in the Piscine family that resembles a Hammerhead Shark. It first made its appearance in Monster Hunter for the PS2 and it dwells in the Desert and Old Desert.

These monsters literally swim in sand and occasionally go up to the surface on their own and walk about. They are related to the Plesioth and Lavasioth. They have a boss counterpart named the Cephadrome that's bigger and stronger.

The live in the same areas and hunt in groups, you rarely meet a Cephalos alone. They seem to respawn on the sand infinitely when you kill them.


[edit] Combat

The Cephalos's move set it similar to the Plesioth's, but it varies a little bit.

When you see Cephalos in the area, it will be swimming around slowly in a giant square or oval shape around the area. Once it spots you an exclamation mark with appear over its head, and it will speed up. Even if it does spot you it doesn't mean it'll attack, most of the time it'll speed up and go in different directions.

[edit] Swimming

The most common and least damaging move it does while its swimming is when it hits you with its top fin. Only a little bit of blood will be shown on screen and the monster will speed away after it is done. The Cephalos will also jump out of the sand and "fly" across the area. This attack, unlike the Cephadrome, will not paralyze you; it will only deal damage. The monster may do this by jumping out of the sand, gliding, then going back in, or it might do it to go back into the sand.

Next is the "sand ball". The Cephalos will jump up using its powerful legs and spit sand at you from medium range, and fall back in. This can be avoided is the hunter has enough skill and is the perfect opportunity to land some hits in mid-air. You can tell when the beast is about to do this when he stops in mid-swim.

[edit] On-Land

Now the Cephalos is on-land and has a whole new moveset. Beware, it is still dangerous.

Lets start with the first on-land move, the swim. When the Cephalos jumps on land it will do a swimming motion on land towards the hunter and can hit you easily because of the size of it. If you are cornered against a wall, this can be deadly and deal significant damage. Luckily a "super-man dive" can be used to dodge it.

There's a new version of the sand ball when it is on-land. The Cephalos pulls back its head, opens its mouth, and then pulls it forward and spits. This is less harmful because it can only hit if you're right in front of it and you can just roll out of the way.

Then there's the infamous hip-check. The monster will adjust its feet or walk in place then thrust out its side quickly to damage the hunter and send you flying. This can be avoided by staying on the side the monster doesn't do the hipcheck on, but because the hitbox for the hipcheck is broken you can still get hurt. Be cautious, the Cephalos can do it twice in a row.

Last but not least, the tail swipe. The monster will go in circle and hit you with it's tail, this can be avoided by getting out of the hitzone by moving away from the monster or following the movement of the tail to a safe zone until it stops.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Despite this being a big moveset for a subordinate monster, it can be killed quickly. When you kill it it will usually land on its stomach, but it may land on its side.
  • The neck and belly are its weakspots.
  • It is weak to Fire and Thunder.
  • If you attack the legs long enough before it dies it can fall over and squirm.
  • A well placed sonic bomb can make a Cephalos pop out of the sand. Remember this. It will come in handy.
  • Recommended Weapons
    • Good green sharpness. Your weapon will most likely bounce if it doesn't have at least a little green in it. Thunder and Fire element may help, a good beginner weapon to have might be the Eager Cleaver.

[edit] Carves

You can carve the Cephalos two times. It has no exclusive G-rank carves ([[MHFU only) for this monster.

[edit] Low-Rank

Piscine Liver
Cephalos Scale
Cephalos Fin
Piscine Fang

[edit] High-Rank

Piscine Liver
Cephalos Scale+
Piscine Fang
Cephalos Fin
Coral Cephalos Scale

[edit] Notes

  • The Piscine Liver can be combined with a Dragon Seed using the Alchemy skill to produce Power Extract. Please note that this combination must be done during a quest, as the Piscine Liver is an account item. These livers are part of a couple of quests and can be sold to the guild.
  • This monster may be the only non-boss monster to have a complete, effective, and long moveset. It behaves and acts like a Boss monster, and the Cephadrome has almost the exact same attacks as it. This may be because of how fast the Cephalos matures into a Cephadrome.
  • The Cephalos Scale item picture in-game appears a greenish-blue because when polished and cleaned of sand the Cephalos's scales are really that color.

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