MH3 Chacha.pngThe Hunter's Helper
Monster TypeLynian
HabitatDeserted Island
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

The Cha-Cha is a new type of Lynian partner, exclusive to Monster Hunter 3. It has been seen that the Cha-Cha is much more adventurous and excitable than the Felyne warrior. He will follow the hunter throughout the town as well as out in the field. Cha-Cha is also the first Lynian partner to also feature a health bar under his name.

Noted by a child as a "fairy in the woods," your hunter searches for him and upon return is explained that he is an infantile Shakalaka who became lost in the wilderness around Moga.


[edit] How to obtain Cha-Cha

He is found during a 2* Urgent quest, during which you must save him whilst defeating the Jaggia that have started attacking him. After he has been saved he will decide to join you. He will lead you around the map for a while before deciding to join you, in each incident he is surrounded by various carnivores.

[edit] Battle tasks

The Cha-Cha is a valuable fighting companion, which has been known to perform the following during battle:

  • Comment back to the hunter (Specifics of conversation unknown)
  • Throw a boomerang (Surprisingly underwater as well)
  • Increase its statistics with boosts to attack and/or defense.
  • Occasionally gather items during quests and give them to the hunter when spoken to in the village.
  • Cha-Cha will occasionally dance around with his Kut-Ku pick in the air, causing the activation of a the dances' effect.
    • Cha-Cha can be equipped with two different dances at a time, which yield four combinations for four different power-ups, such as an attack increase or healing, much like the Hunting Horn from previous titles.
  • You can [GIVE] your Cha-Cha healing and restorative items for him to use
  • You can feed Cha-Cha the rare meats the wyverian merchant has, they will increase its stats.

[edit] Special Abilities

Cha-Cha, much like a Felyne Comrade, can be equipped with special increases to his abilities, such as the addition of Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, as well as elemental (Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Dragon) attacks.

[edit] History of Cha-Cha

It is said, when they come of age, every member of the mask tribe society goes out on their own, a personal quest, if you will, to find the mask that represents who they are. The Cha-Cha teams up with the Hunter to assist them with their quests, just as the Hunters assists the Cha-Cha in finding their mask.

[edit] Masks

One of the new aspects with the companion is that the clothing that is attributed to Cha-Cha can wear different masks. These different masks also have the power to give him different traits, skills and abilities. Each mask has an experience level which increases as Cha-Cha wears them, increasing the number of slots for special equipped abilities. These masks are stored and placed on a mask rack, next to the item box in the hunter's home. It appears there are only 7 spots on the Mask rack available, indicating that there are only 7 masks.

  • Some masks can be acquired from the Moga Village Master's son as Cha-Cha levels up.

[edit] In game story

Cha-Cha will briefly become unavailable after you complete the 4* Urgent quest. However, he becomes available after you complete the 5* quest which requires you to capture Lagiacrus. This is beacuse i goes under the village to find the Caedeus.

Mask Type Appearance Special Attack Special Ability Personality Description How To Unlock [Quest Rank - Quest name (Monster)]
Regular Acorn Mask
Running/Jump attack No special ability Aggressive. Will target larger monsters. Equally dances and gathers. A children's Mask used in Cha-Cha's settlement. Made from a giant, hollowed-out acorn. No special characteristics, but Cha-Cha is fiercely proud of its fit and design. Obtained by default
Barbeque Spit Mask
Throws fire like a King Shakalaka. Can cook meat for you, acting like a barbeque spit. Support. Only attacks when being attacked. Frequently dances and rarely gathers. Will allow you to cook meat on Cha-Cha's head, via the BBQ spit. 3* Quest - ??? (Barroth)
Fluffy Mask
Will throw either a boomerang or a dung bomb. Has the ability to toggle Autotracker on and off. Support only. Does not attack. Frequently dances and frequently gathers. A Mask with big, cute ears. Give Cha-Cha the signal and he'll mark the location of large monsters. Sadly, the huge ears make Cha-Cha very nervous, so he won't be able to fight at all. Too bad! 3* Quest - ??? (Qurupeco)
Ferment Vase Mask
Uses a poison smoke bomb. Ferments items, producing better or rare items. Support. Attacks multiple monsters. Frequently dances and rarely gathers. Will allow you to give Cha-Cha certain items to 'ferment' them. Cha-Cha will 'ferment' this item and turn it into a rare item 4* Quest - ??? (Lagiacrus)
Lantern Mask
Will throw fireballs. Will light a way for you in dark areas. Passive. Attacks smaller monsters. Regularly dances and rarely gathers. Will create a firelight that can be used to illuminate dark paths and caves. 4* Quest - ???(Rathian)
Underwater Mask
Will throw spears underwater and various other objects. Can supply your hunter with air whilst underwater. Regular. Equally attacks larger and smaller monsters. Equally dances and gathers. Will give Cha-Cha increased underwater capacity and special swimming abilities. Will also allow Cha-Cha to throw harpoons underwater. 5* Quest - ??? (Uroktors)

5* Quest - ??? Deliver 5* Quest - ??? (Lagiacrus)

False Felyne Mask Uses a large barrel bomb. Mainly attacks with barrel bombs. Aggressive only. Attacks everything. Only uses Bombs. Rarely dances and rarely gathers. The mask of a Felyne causes Cha-Cha to act like one as well Complete the Caedeus Urgent mission offline, and acquire from the Argosy merchant as a Rare Trade (4-star commodity required)

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