Combination Guide

Combining items can allow hunters to make useful items for use on hunts...if the hunter knows what items to combine. This is a list of items that can be made through combining. However, this list is far from complete, as there are other combinations for the listed items and other items that can be created.


[edit] Monster Hunter Tri Combinations

[edit] Items for Further Combination

  • Bomb Casing
Sap Plant, Stone
  • Net
Spider Web, Ivy
  • Gunpowder
Fire Herb, Nitroshroom

[edit] Traps

  • Shock Trap
Trap Tool, Thunderbug
  • Pitfall Trap
Trap Tool, Net

[edit] Projectiles

  • Paint Bomb
Paintberry, Bomb Casing
  • Flash Bomb
Flashbug, Bomb Casing
  • Sonic Bomb
Screamer, Bomb Casing
  • Dung Bomb
Dung, Bomb Casing

[edit] Bombs

  • Barrel Bomb L
Large Barrel, Gunpowder
  • Barrel Bomb L+
Barrel Bomb L, Scatterfish
  • Barrel Bomb S
Small Barrel, Gunpowder
  • Barrel Bomb S+
Barrel Bomb S, Scatterfish
  • Bounce Bomb
Barrel Bomb S, Bnahabra Wing
  • Bounce Bomb +
Bounce Bomb, Scatterfish

[edit] Tools

  • Old Pickaxe
Stone, Bone
  • Pickaxe
Iron Ore, Bone
  • Mega Pickaxe
Machalite Ore, Bone
  • Old Butterfly Net
  • Butterfly Net
  • Mega Butterfly Net
  • Fishing Harpoon
  • Mega Fishing Harpoon

[edit] Ammunition

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