Combination Guide MH3U

This list is incomplete

This is a list of the possible item combinations in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


[edit] Items for Further Combination

Sap Plant, Stone
Sap Plant, Iron Ore
Fire Herb, Nitroshroom
Spider Web, Ivy
Earth Crystal,Bitterbug
Catalyst,Dragon Toadstool
Godbug,Wyvern Fang
Bone Husk S,Whetstone

[edit] Tools

[edit] Gathering Tools

[edit] Bug Nets
Net, Mystery Bone
Net, Monster Bone S
Net, Monster Bone M
[edit] Pickaxes
Bone, Stone
Mystery Bone,Stone
Bone, Iron Ore
Bone, Machalite Ore
[edit] Harpoons
Mystery Bone, [[Broken Shell]
[edit] Bait
Mega Fishing Fly,Stinkhopper
Mega Fishing Fly,Snakebee Larva
Mega Fishing Fly,Bughopper

[edit] Hunting Tools

[edit] Horns
Lifecrystals, Monster Bone M
Mega Armorskin, Monster Bone M
Mega Demondrug, Monster Bone M
Antiseptic Stone, Field Horn
[edit] Traps
Thunderbug, Trap Tool
Net, Trap Tool

[edit] Consumable Items

[edit] Healing Items

Herb, Blue Mushroom
Potion, Honey
Mega Nutrients,Dragon Toadstool
Immunizer,Kelbi Horn
Lifecrystals,Wyvern Claw
Gloamgrass Bud
Cactus Flower,Bitterbug

[edit] Status Removal

Antidote Herb,Blue Mushroom
Cactus Flower,Bitterbug
Bomb Casing,Bitterbug

[edit] Boosts

[edit] Defense Boosts
Immunizer,Adamant Seed
Catalyst,Adamant Seed
Armorskin, Pale Extract
[edit] Attack Boosts
Immunizer,Might Seed
Catalyst,Might Seed
Demondrug,Pale Extract
[edit] Stamina Boosts
Rare Steak,Dash Extract
Well-Done Steak, Dash Extract
Well-Done Steak, Ice Crystal
Well-Done Steak, Fire Herb
[edit] Health Bar Boosts
Blue Mushroom,Godbug
Mega Nutrients,Dragon Toadstool
[edit] Oxygen Boosts
Bomb Casing,Airweed
Airweed,Dash Extract
[edit] Regeneration Boosts
Catalyst,Dragon Toadstool
[edit] Heat/Cold Res Boosts
Ice Crystal,Bitterbug
Well-Done Steak, Fire Herb
Well-Done Steak, Ice Crystal

[edit] Bombs

[edit] Large Bombs

Large Barrel, Gunpowder
Large Barrel, Fire Herb
Barrel Bomb L, Scatterfish

[edit] Small Bombs

Small Barrel, Gunpowder
Small Barrel,Fire Herb
Barrel Bomb S, Burst Arowana

[edit] Bounce Bombs

Barrel Bomb S, Bnahabra Wing
Bounce Bomb, Bomb Arowana

[edit] Other Bombs

Bomb Casing,Ivy
Bomb Casing,Toadstool
Bomb Casing,Poison Sac

[edit] Projectiles

Paintberry, Sap Plant
Screamer, Gunpowder
Flashbug, Bomb Casing
Tranquilizer, Bomb Casing
Bomb Casing,Dung
Barrel Bomb S,Felvine
Whetstone,Monster Bone S

[edit] Ammunition

[edit] Normal


[edit] Pierce

Huskberry,Bird Wyvern Fang

[edit] Slicing

Bone Husk S,Whetfish

[edit] Pellet

Huskberry,Wyvern Fang
Bone Husk S,Wyvern Fang

[edit] Clust

Bone Husk S,Wyvern Claw

[edit] Exhaust


[edit] Sub

Huskberry,Sharpened Fang
Bone Husk S,Sharpened Fang

[edit] Elemental

[edit] Flaming
Huskberry,Fire Herb
[edit] Water
[edit] Freeze
Huskberry,Ice Crystal
[edit] Thunder
[edit] Dragon
Bone Husk L,Dragonfell Berry

[edit] Status

[edit] Poison
Bone Husk S,Toadstool
[edit] Sleep
Huskberry,Sleep Herb
Bone Husk S,Sleepyfish

[edit] Assist

[edit] Recov
[edit] Demon
Bone Husk L,Might Seed
[edit] Armor
Bone Husk L,Adamantt Seed

[edit] Paint


[edit] Coatings

Empty Phial,Toadstool
Empty Phial,Sleep Herb
Empty Phial,Nitroshroom
Empty Phial,Whetfish
Empty Phial,Paintberry

[edit] Miscellaneous

Bomb Casing,Exciteshroom

[edit] Meat

Raw Meat, Toadstool
Raw Meat, Exciteshroom
Raw Meat, Sleep Herb

[edit] Crowns

Incomplete Crown, Royal Crest
Incomplete Crown,Crown's Gemstone
Crown's Gemstone,Royal Crest
Crown's Gemstone,Crested Crown
Dazzling Crown,Royal Crest
Incomplete Crown,Gemmed Crest(?)

[edit] Talons

Powercharm,Deviljho Talon
Armorcharm,Deviljho Talon

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