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[edit] Shakalaka Companions in MH3U

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate includes two AI Shakalaka companions to help hunters on quests. Both Shakalaka are unlocked during the village story, and can be used once they are unlocked. Cha-Cha, the Shakalaka who helps offline hunters in Monster Hunter Tri, returns in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. A new Shakalaka ally, Kayamba, is also added to the game. Cha-Cha and Kayamba are helpful to the hunter in multiple ways: they use dances to heal or give positive statuses to the hunter, the have abilities that allow them to damage monsters, and they will sometimes gather materials from both gathering places and dead monsters. There are also additional benefits granted by certain masks: Cha-Cha's Lamp Mask can act as a torch to scare away small monsters, his Fluffy Mask can allow hunters to find large monster on the map without using a paintball or having the Autotracker ability, the Grill Mask allows the hunter to use the Shakalaka's head like a BBQ Spit, the Ancient Mask allows the Shakalaka to breathed and to provide oxygen to the hunter when signaled, Kayamba's Dung Mask can scare away large monsters if two or more are in the same area, and his Whetstone Mask can be used to sharpen weapons.

[edit] Unlocking the Shakalaka

Cha-Cha returns to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with his mask from Monster Hunter Tri, and has the same masks available to unlock. Cha-cha is unlocked during the Shakalaka Savior village *** low rank Urgent Quest. Kayamba is unlocked slightly later than Cha-Cha, during the Shakalaka Savior 2 village **** low rank Urgent Quest.

[edit] Leveling

The shakalaka will level as they gain experience from quests. Leveling will improve their stats, as well as unlock new abilities and dances.

[edit] Abilities and Dances

Both shakalaka use abilities and dances to help hunters. Abilities are added as the shakalakas' levels increase. The abilities include elemental and status attacks, boosts to their stats, and resistances. Abilities are assigned to the masks worn by the shakalaka, and masks can gain additional slots for abilities as the shakalaka gins experience with the mask. Dances are also assigned to shakalaka, and have effects that raise the hunter's stats. The effects of the dances depend on the combination of dances that are assigned. Two dances are assigned to each shakalaka at any time.

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