Congalala Slaying Guide (MHF2)

This guide is a companion to the Congalala Slaying Thread in the forums, also authored by MyLifeIsRandom. For help with Congalala and feedback for this guide please check out the thread.


[edit] Congalala

Alright, so the reality is you're going to be fighting a pink furred monkey with a long ass tail. Excited yet? Anyway, Congalala is actually one of the simplest creatures in the game to defeat. What it takes is simply knowledge of your enemy and knowledge of your equipment. However, for a new player the simplicity may not be so obvious. Add to that, Congalala will joyfully release his bowels during battle for varied purposes. So in reality it is easily understood as the newbie struggling point. Also let's face it, would you willingly ask for help after being beaten by a monkey in pink? On to the guide.

[edit] Items You Will Need

  • 10 Potion;
  • 4-6 Mega Potion;
  • 10-20 Whetstones (If Blademaster);
  • Bowgun Ammunition (If Bowgunner);
  • Arrow Coatings (If Archer);
  • 10-15 Paintball;
  • 1 Pitfall Trap;
  • 1 Shock Trap

[edit] Optional Items

  • 2 Large Barrel Bomb;
  • 1 Small Barrel Bomb;
  • Material for Pitfall Trap;
  • Material for Shock Trap;

Now before someone blows my head off, I will indeed list items needed to combine into each item I listed for you. Reason I didn't tack them on right away is because I wanted this guide to be clean and easy to read, hence no vast amount of cluttered information. It'd be kind of contrary to the guide purpose to clutter the information. Also, these are basic items, but very useful. Anyway here's a combination list for all the items mentioned above.

[edit] Combination List

  • Potion = Blue Mushroom + Herb;
  • Mega Potion = Potion + Honey;
  • Paintball = Paintberry + Sap Plant;
  • Pitfall Trap = Net + Trap Tool;
  • Net = Spiderweb + Ivy;
  • Shock Trap = Genprey Fang + Trap Tool;
  • Large Barrel Bomb = Large Barrel + Gunpowder;
  • Small Barrel Bomb = Small Barrel + Gunpowder;
  • Gunpowder = Fire Herb + Nitroshroom

[edit] Who We're Fighting

To expand on the vague 'pink monkey' description you'll always get, I'm offering a little informative bio for you. Some of it outlines the general attitude and tactics of Congalala himself, as well as giving you a good read at the same time. Also makes my guide bigger and look more official. So, the Congalala, is a rare primatius beast found in Jungle and Swamp areas. It seems to prefer warm yet damp climates and surroundings with plentiful foilage. Congalala is a rather laid back monster, but is quick on foot when engaged with an enemy. It has the unique ability to release it's bowels at will, using dung and foul smelling methane for an advantage in battle. It's primary weapons are it's sharp claws, and it's own vast weight. Using both of these rather efficiently to either slice or crush his opponents. He is also rather fond of his personalized hairstyle, despite all Congalala having the exact same.

[edit] Where You'll Find Him

The Congalala isn't the most active zone hopper, but when he does it can be quite hard to locate him. This is where the point of having paintballs comes in. When you begin your quest in the Swamp, he will be roaming the grassy plain in zone 8. However, when you venture into the Jungle, he will start off roaming zone 1 for mushrooms to feast upon. After enough damage is caused, Congalala will attempt to retreat to a safe place for rest and recuperation. In the Jungle, zone 6 is the only safe haven for him, often guarded by two of his younger brethren. In the murky Swamps, he'll retreat to the confines of the zone 7 cavern to rest.

[edit] Congalala's Arsenal

Claw Swipe

This is his most basic, and probably most used attack. He'll be stationary and swipe in front of him with his claw. This does some moderate damage, but mostly it's only downside is that you're knocked back. This often sets you up for other attacks and can be quite the annoyance. Simply stay away from the direct front of his face, and you'll be fine though.

Four Swipe Slammer

This moderately used attack, is simply put the most perfect attack opening for you. He will swipe at the ground in front of him, progressively moving forward albeit at a slow pace. His fourth swipe will sling him to the ground flat on his back. Being near the head or ass leaves you unaffected, but near the sides makes you stumble until he gets up. You can get in hits to the tail, stomach, claws, and face when he does this. Quite a fortunate slip up, well for us.

Over The Top Belly Flop

Creative move title eh? Anyway, this attack is where Congalala flings himself a short height into the air and lands with a crushing blow from his body weight. He can either toss himself a long distance, or a short distance. As far as I can tell, there is no way to anticipate the length, as he's done both at far distance and close to him. This is also another wonderful time to land a few hits.

Belly Inflation

Congalala can use this attack slowly, or suddenly depending on where you are and how badly you're hurting him. If you're up close and dealing alot of damage, chances are this attack will happen faster. However, it'll be slow if Congalala thinks you're doing a little too much damage to his face and chest. You can easily circle behind him to attack his backside during this attack, and it's mainly a defensive technique for Congalala.

Feces Fling

You heard the move title right. He digs into his ass with his tail, and throws a wad of dung right at you. Sickening isn't it? What's worse is that it inflicts the 'stench' status rendering most items unusable, and does a moderate bit of damage while flinging you back. You can avoid this by staying relatively close to Congalala or avoiding his front, as the attack is limited to medium range.

[edit] Miscellaneous Movements

Congalala will more often then not charge at some point, leap back insanely quick, then turn and charge again. This is a good time to just strafe him and avoid his assault. His charge also happens while he's frantically trying to escape the current zone. So unless you're attacking the back, just start off on the way to his next zone. One of his seldom used and just as predictable attacks are his breath attacks. Depending on what item he holds, he can use flame breath, poison breath, or even sleep breath. You'll notice when these will occur fairly easily, so just look out for an abnormal movement. Lastly, Congalala is prone to release a gaseous explosion when entering rage mode. He can also voluntarily fart on you, but he scrunches up and bends over, easily giving away his attack.

[edit] Plan of Attack

I will now teach you how to fight and kill Congalala. First off, load up with the items I mentioned above, then on the quest snag a map and the Deoderant item from the supply box as well as whatever else you need. Head to where he is and if you can, get in a quick shot or slash or whatever before he notices you then dodge away from him. The strategy is quite simple, stay at a medium to close range from him and attack when he creates and opening. Whenever he is stationary for a good enough time is when you get in your attacks. You can read over the attacks above to get an idea of what creates a good enough opening. A good place to attack is his side and back legs. This can lead to tripping him over allowing for free hits.

When he does his attacks, you'll notice that he goes back to stationary for a short time to turn and face you for another attack. This is what I like to call a monster's 'pivot point'. The enemies within this game have no omnidirectional attacks, meaning they all come your way to attack or face your way. After he uses up his two turning adjustments, he'll begin his next attack. Keep strafing and you'll eventually have him attacking the air, allowing you to plan out attack on an opening free from harm. Also be careful when his face and ass glow red, rage mode increases his speed and his attack power. It also makes the openings shorter in time frame then normal, so choose your attacks wisely.

[edit] Weakness and Resistance

  • High Weakness To Fire;
  • Low Weakness To Ice;
  • Medium Resistance To Water;
  • Medium Resistance To Thunder;
  • Neutrality To Dragon

[edit] Carving & Rewards Guide

Note that this will not include drop items. So here is a carving and rewards guide for your newly defeated Congalala. Also, these items are purely based on various things I myself have gotten from carving Congalala and taking the rewards.

Normal Congalala


  • Congalala Pelt;
  • Vibrant Pelt;
  • Conga Pelt;
  • Congalala Fang;
  • Congalala Claw;
  • Giant Bone


  • Congalala Pelt;
  • Vibrant Pelt;
  • Conga Pelt;
  • Congalala Fang;
  • Congalala Claw;
  • Giant Bone;
  • Brute Bone;
  • Sharp Claw

G Rank Congalala


  • Congalala Pelt+;
  • Congalala Fang+;
  • Congalala Claw+;
  • Stout Bone;
  • Vibrant Pelt


  • Congalala Pelt+;
  • Congalala Fang+;
  • Congalala Claw+;
  • Stout Bone;
  • Giant Bone;
  • Conga Pelt+;
  • Sharp Claw

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