The Demondrug is an item that boosts your attack power by a set amount. This boost lasts until your hunter falls unconcious, so it is wise to carry three incase you slip up! The boost given to your attack is dependant on the modifier for your chosen weapon class, it all equates to roughly the same damage increase over time though.

The Demondrug can be made by combining a Power Seed with a Catalyst. In turn, the Demondrug can be upgraded into Mega Demondrug by combining it with a Pale Extract (found by beating Khezu).

It should be noted that the attack boost given by these items does not stack with any attack boost given from eating at the Felyne Kitchen. However, it will stack with Power Seeds, Power Pills, Adrenaline or Felyne Heroics.

The Demondrug may not appear to be a life-changing item, but it could be the difference between beating or failing a quest so don't forget to use it!

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