[edit] General Information

Ibirujo.pngThe Terrifying Dragon of Rage
Monster TypeBrute Wyvern
WeaknessesDragon, Thunder
HabitatsTundra, Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Volcano, Flooded Forest
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri
Appears InMonster Hunter Tri
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Deviljho (Also nickname Aerodegus and Terror Rampage Dragon) is a new monster first featured in Monster Hunter 3 that also returned in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Not much is know about it except it bears similar characteristics to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has the same body physique, as well as a large tail and jaws. It's lower jaw has large spikes on it. Although it features the characteristics of both a Brute Wyvern and an Elder Dragon, it is in fact a Brute Wyvern. It also contains many battle scars, suggesting it has been able to maintain numerous fights. Deviljho can appear anywhere during HR 31+ quests, sometimes making them a nuisance when fighting other monsters. However, they have been known to attack the monster the hunter may be fighting.

[edit] Combat Information

  • When angered, the Deviljho is capable of spitting a black mist which inflicts the Dragonblight Status Effect. This attack can be blocked, but it should be noted that you should face Deviljho, and not the breath itself.
  • When hungry, the Deviljho is able to pounce on unsuspecting hunters and eat them to regain stamina. This can be stopped by throwing a Dung Bomb or Flash Bomb at the beast. It should also be noted that the Deviljho's drool inflicts the 'defence down' status on any hunter that it drips on.
  • When in Rage mode, Deviljho increases in weakness as well as strength. The old wounds on its Stomach open up and take huge damage, making it important to attack (within the realms of caution) whilst the Deviljho is angry.
  • When hungry , Deviljho will eat any Meat that is in his path, providing a great chance to inflict status on him.
  • Deviljho will also eat other dead or captured large monsters and/or broken carvable pieces of monsters (including its own tail).
  • As a defence against Flash Bombs, the Deviljho will often retaliate to being blinded by repeatedly using a very strong shoulder barge that inflicts huge damage to unsuspecting hunters.

[edit] Guides

Deviljho Guides

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