Diablos.JPGDiablos' horns are his greatest weapons, and his greatest weakness.
Monster TypeBird Wyvern
WeaknessesIce, Dragon
HabitatsSandy Plains

Diablos is a large wyvern native to the desert. On his head are mounted two large, curved horns, Diablos' main weapons and main weakness. Diablos uses his horns to perform a devastating charge attack, but his horns can get stuck in walls, rendering him vulnerable for a short time. Diablos can get stuck an unlimited number of times as long as he has at least one horn still on his head, once both his horns have been destroyed, he can become stuck no longer.

Diablos is capable of burrowing underground and bursting forth from underneath a hunter's feet, inflicting large amounts of damage and taking the hunter in question completely by surprise. Whilst underground, Diablos can be removed from the ground with a sonic bomb, provided it detonates close enough to him, he will pop out of the ground and remain there, half stuck, for a period of time. When he finally releases himself, he will hang suspended in the air for a moment before landing again. During rage mode, Diablos is immune to sonic bombs, but is still able to be stuck in walls, provided he still has his horn(s) on his head.

The Diablos is related toMonoblos and self has two sub-types, the Black Diablos and the One-horned Devil Diablos which is available in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Devil Diablos gives special rewards in the missions involving it including Famitsu and Dengeki Tickets.

Another Special Diablos, only available in Monster Hunter (PS2), as an event mission. Know as the GMR Battle, this particular Diablos was exceptionally strong and had a metallic sound to its roar and movements. It also provided the victors of a battle against it with GMR Tickets which were used the make the GMR Chrome Heart, a serrated great sword reffered to as a trophy by many.

[edit] Monster Hunter 3

The new and improved Diablos as he appears in Monster Hunter 3.

This isn't the Diablos as you know him from the previous Monster Hunters. He's looks about the same, just loads more detail. But the vast majority of his attacks are brand new. With the improved ecosystem in Monster Hunter 3, he even interacts with the world around him.

A great and terrible beast feared as the desert tyrant. Extremely territorial, Diablos attack invaders with blind aggression. Highly sensitive to sound, perhaps because they frequently travel beneath the sand. Know to feed on cacti, also they have a weakness to ice based elemental attacks

[edit] Guides

Diablos Guides

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