Earplug is a very useful and highly popular armor skill that makes your hunter immune to the effects of a monster's roars. Available in a standard and High Grade form, Earplugs cover a major danger point and also allow you to turn the tables on your enemy and use them roaring as a chance to attack. However, if you guard during the roar, you will still that the recoil, and still lose stamina. A great boon for those who do not have a block, such as wielders of the Dual Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, or Hunting Horn.

In order to activate the Earplugs skill you will require ten HearProtect skillpoints for the standard version, and fifteen skillpoints for the High Grade version.

Armor sets that include the Earplug skill instrintically are those of the

The standard version of the Earplug skill covers most enemies, but the following monsters have extremely loud screams that require High Grade Earplugs:

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