Elemental Attack Up

Elemental Attack Up is a fantastic skill to use against enemies with large elemental weaknesses. By boosting the level of your elemental damage, you can really exploit weapons with elemental attributes.

When used as a Blademaster, Elemental Attack Up visually increases the elemental attribute of your weapon by 20%. As this is a set percentage, using the skill on a weapon with a tiny elemental attribute (example being the Ukanlos melee weapons) is a bit of a waste and will not change your damage output by much. However, weapons with a huge elemental attribute can really improve by using Elemental Attack Up.

When using a Bowgun, Elemental Attack Up multiplies the damage of elemental ammunition by 1.125. Yes, it is only a 12.5% boost as opposed to the 20% given to melee weapons, but the nature of Bowguns means that this smaller boost is just as useful. When used in conjunction with the Autoreload skill, a clip of 60 elemental shots with a 12.5% damage boost can be fired at a monster's weak spot in around two minutes, inflicting huge damage. If this damage is further enhanced by using Felyne Heroics, the amount of damage you can inflict with a Bowgun is absolutely devastating. As an example, by combining Elemental Attack Up with Autoreload and Felyne Heroics and using the Ultimate Lao-Shan Cannon, it is possible to kill a HR9 Black Gravios in just 80 water elemental shots.

[edit] How To Get Element Attack Up

If you want to activate the Elemental Attack Up, you need to accumulate ten ElementAtk skillpoints. You can acquire the points by using the following armor decorations :

  • Element Jewel - 1 Slot (ElementAtk+1, Rec Speed -1).
  • Element Jewel+ - 3 Slots (ElementAtk+4, Rec Speed-2).

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