Expand Pickaxe

The Expand Pickaxe is used to duplicate certain items, helping you to increase your supply of them without having to go out into the field. Expand Pickaxes can be obtained in two ways:

[edit] Uses

To use an Expand Pickaxe, simply combine it with the item you wish to duplicate. The resulting amount of items produced depends on the rarity of the item you are combining your Pickaxe with.

The Expand Pickaxe can be used on the following items:

  • Ores:
    • Disk Stone
    • Iron Ore
    • Earth Crystal
    • Machalite Ore
    • Dragonite Ore
    • Carbalite Ore
    • Eltalite Ore
    • Union Ore
    • Mellanje Ore
    • Firestone
    • Firecell Stone
  • Crystals :
    • Lightcrystal
    • Novacrystal
    • Purecrystal
  • Bones :
    • Monster Bone+
    • Hard Monster Bone
    • Heavy Monster Bone
  • Insects :
    • Carpenterbug
    • Killer Beetle
    • Hercudrome
    • Rare Scarab
    • King Scarab
    • Emperor Cricket
    • Phantom Butterfly

The Expand Pickaxe is a great way of stocking up on the harder to get items on the list, or generating alot of Z (Purecrystals sell for a whopping 7320Z each!). So why not get down to the Training Hall and earn yourself some easy money and items by using the Expand Pickaxes you can win?!

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