Fan Fictions

This page is for people to submit THEIR OWN works of Fan Fiction.

How do I submit work?

First, create a page for yourself under the "Pages" title, (see below for an example). Go to that page, and paste your work.

What should I know about before I submit my work?

Ensure that you have in some form copyrighted your work, and that there is proof of this copy right, be it establishing a logo and keeping it in your Neohome or profile. This is to prevent the possibility of your own work being stolen and taken credit for by someone else. ALSO Ensure that you contact a Wiki staff member so that they can fully protect your art page.

What should I not do?

Under no circumstances are you to use the following pages for the following:

  • Defaming, defacing or vandalising another persons Fan-Fic page. That can include the text written in their page, or any form of the wiki page.
  • You should not submit discussion to a persons art page that directly insults or their artwork. Constructive criticism is alright, but outright flaming or simply saying how much it sucks (Whether or not it does) will not be acceptable.
  • You should not steal others work and take credit for it via the fan art pages.
  • You should not create an art page that is not submitted here. Ensure that your art page is listed under the Pages tab below, otherwise it will be deleted.
  • Art pages are allocated by user, so do not create separate art pages for separate drawings or pieces of work. All art by a user must be submitted within the own art page and tat page only. Failure to do so will result in the page being deleted.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in a loss of privileges to the Art page, regarding submitting or editing, and possibly and possibly regarding the wiki if serious offences are committed.

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