Rendered-felyne.pngThe proud lynian warrior.
Monster Type:Lynian
Habitats:All Zones
Human Cities
First Appearance:Monster Hunter
Appears In:Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2
Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter 3

Felynes are non-aggressive Lynian creatures (they are not considered monsters but rather creatures that are the icon for the Monster Hunter Series) that first made their appearance in Monster Hunter for the PS2. Felynes are considered the in game companion of the hunter, with many of them used as aids for humans. Wild Felynes are generally well suited for all environments and can be found in almost all locations.

They are cousins to the Melynx and Shakalaka.


[edit] Backround

Many of the domesticated Felynes come in mainly different colours, and sport numerous talents. They have been known to perform such duties as Cooking, Cleaning, exporting and importing goods, providing hunting services, as well as performing jobs for local community stores. Wild Felynes are known to throw small bombs at you if disturbed.

The Felyne are a docile race of feline humanoids, that often coexist with humanity in various towns and villages. They can range from any number of colors from a plain vanilla to blood red with black stripes. Felyne are astounding cooks, and the player can hire up to five of these creatures to work in his or her kitchen. Felyne also look after the Pokke and Kokoto farms, aiding players in the functions of the gathering points. In the game Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, the player can hire a Felyne as a 'sidekick' to accompany them on quests. In the field, Felynes are still docile creatures. If one is struck by a hunter however, even if the target is a Melynx, they grow angered and come after the attacker.

[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: Cat-like humanoids called Lynians that are noted for their white fur. Felynes are quiet until angered, in which case they may attack. Capable of speech, they are sometimes found in the employ of human masters.

Appearance: The appearance of each Felyne or Melynx is not set. Some may be orange, red, or yellow, but they share similar attributes. They all appear to be able to walk on two legs, have a fur on mostly all of their bodies, and they all have a good sense of hearing like a cat and whiskers.

Some Felynes also appear to have markings on their back, stomach, legs, and arms. It is doubtful that they were born with those markings, they were most likely painted on them.

Nature: Docile, calm, and fun-loving. Wild felynes will not attack unless you attack their melynx brothers.

[edit] Felynes as Fighters

In MHP2ndG and MHFU, Felynes can be used as aides in battle. They can fight monsters alongside you, gather items, help with fishing or plant traps for monsters. Their weapons are devised into 2 categories; Cut and impact, both being rather inferior to modern hunting items. Cut weapons, like a pickaxe are created with pieces of bone, attached to a wooden stick. Impact weapons are created out of more wood, but with the end of the stick, shaped like a large cat's paw. A Felyne fighter can be equipped with different clothing sets. These sets include Mafumofu, Acorn and Samurai. Aside from the fact that each set looks different, only Samurai changes the style of weapon. For cut, the weapon is a small LongSword suited for a Felyne. The impact weapon is a wood based hammer, with a cat's paw insignia on both sides. As the Felyne's experience progress and they get stronger, the weapon it uses will change form, for instance, the Pickaxe will now be made of Machalite Ore.

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[edit] Combat

Felyne usually go into 'stealth mode' and low crawl for a short while, after one of their own is attacked. Felyne apparently can not distinguish between wyvern and hunter however, resulting in an addition to a hunter's list of annoyances. The Felyne often charge at the hunter wildly, before slashing them with their pickaxes. Felyne also apply a more deadly munition, bombs. Although small and rarely damaging, the explosions can knock a hunter a fairly good distance. Wild Felynes are known to throw small bombs at you if disturbed, being blown up with felyne bombs also leaves the hunter open for an assault from much larger enemies.

The felynes wild are usually accompanied by Melynxs, and are considered a threat to hunters. They will attack and attempt to steal precious items from a hunter. Having a Felvine in your inventory will cause the lynians to steal that instead of your things.

[edit] Notes

  • Felynes are uncarvable and unkillable and only retreat when enough damage is done. When they do a shiny is left on the ground, picking it up will result in a wide variety of items, from the common Green Seed to the Pawprint Stamp.
  • They can speak in the Hunters language in-game.

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