Felyne Heroics


[edit] How To Get It

Felyne Heroics is a Felyne skill that is granted to your hunter by eating a meal at the Felyne Kitchen. Naturally, you need to have atleast one Felyne Chef that has Felyne Heroics as a skill to have any chance of getting it, and even then it can be hard to acquire. It helps your chances to activate skills if you eat a chef's favourite food!

[edit] How To Activate It

Favoured by the Monster Hunter cognoscenti, Felyne Heroics can totally change how you approach fighting thanks to the huge attack boost it gives your hunter. To activate the skill during a quest, you must find a way to get your health to under 10hp; Bombing yourself being the standard method. For example, an average G-rank Gunner armour has a defense that means two Large Barrel Bomb+ and one Small Barrel Bomb will leave you under the hp requirement (from a 100hp base), and free to destroy anything in your path!

[edit] What Does It Do?

It increases your base attack by 50%, and sends your defense sky high (strange seeing as even a Vespoid can kill you with under 10hp!)

[edit] Why Use Felyne Heroics?

Standing around with 8hp doesn't sound like fun does it? However, knowing that any hit will kill you drastically changes how you play the game. If you want to be dealing mega damage (HR8 Lavasioth in 3minutes anyone?!), then you have to be prepared to learn the arts of dodging and not taking damage. This is not a skill to use if you rely heavily on healing, it is for those who want to beat things fast and with the satisfaction of taking no damage. Give it a try, maybe Felyne Heroics is the next step in your quest to be a champion!

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