Flooded Forest


[edit] General Information

The Swamp Area of MH3 (Moga Region)

The Flooded Forest is featured in all generation 3 games. It contains a numerous amount of swamplands as well as waterfalls. Most of the area is submerged or partially covered in water capitalizing on the swimming feature in monster hunter tri and Monster hunter Tri Ultimate.

There is a short-cut to area 6 in a pool behind the base camp.

[edit] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Changes

Due to the removal of the underwater feature in portable third, areas 3, 5 and 6 are no longer completely submerged. Areas 4 and 8 no longer have water deep enough to swim in. The shortcut to area 6 was also removed.

[edit] Resources

Plants: Herb, Sap Plant, Ivy, Fire Herb

Bugs: Cricket, Firefly, Bitterbug, Killer Beetle, Royal Rhino, Flashbug, Thunderbug, Godbug

Mushrooms: Blue Mushroom, Parashroom, Toadstool, Unique Mushroom, Nitroshroom

Ores: Stone, Whetstone, Iron Ore, Machalite Ore, Pelagicite Ore(underwater only), Earth Crystal, Ice Crystal, Bealite Ore

Fish:Whetfish, Bomb Arowana, Burst Arowana, Sushifish, Pin Tuna, Scatterfish, Small, Goldenfish, Goldenfish

Upper Rank: Bathycite Ore, Carbalite Ore, Hercudrome, Bloodrun Jewel, Hard Armor, Hard Armor Sphere (Secret Area)

Misc:Spider Web, Worm, Frog

[edit] Veggie Elder

Location: A ledge in area 6 (access from area 4). MHP3rd locale is near the bonfire at base camp.

Trade Item Offers
Royal Rhino Psychoserum
Small Goldenfish Farcaster
Goldenfish EZ Shock Trap
Monster Guts First-aid Med
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion


  • First-aid Med
  • Ration
  • Old Pickaxe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Psychoserum
  • Frog
  • Arowana Bait
  • Felvine Bomb
  • EZ Shock Trap

[edit] Monsters

Monsters that can be fought here include:

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