The Fortress is a massive collection of siege weapons, tunnels, and walls, meant to enable even numbers as few as four to repel massive beasts such as the Lao-Shan Lung, and the Shen Gao Ren. It consists of a central area, which is base camp, and tunnels that lead out all around a mountain. The Enemy will move from one area to another, each time entering a certain place that determined hunters can attack. There are also many small benefits to help you.

[edit] Features

  • Bridges allow hunters to attack from above with ranged weapons, and allow them to jump upon the Enemy, to allow for carving and setting anti-dragon bombs. However, when on a bridge, the monster can attack you directly.
  • Ledges allow gunners to attain a superior line-of-sight. You cannot be attacked like on the bridge when on a ledge.
  • Rocks will occasionally fall from the heights, dropped by less-brave hunters, causing unknown damage.
  • The Last Area has even more options:
    *Cannons can be shot, if a cannonball is brought from base camp, carried, of course. It does high damage.
    *Ballista ammo can be used in the Crossbow Turrets, allowing you to fire heavy rounds into the monster
    *The Dragonator is the fortress' most powerful weapon--it launches out spikes that does more damage the closer the beast. In the  Fortress, it can be used only once.

It should be noted that neither of the two behemoths fought in this area can be killed until they reach the final zone. This is due to previous games having issues with players unable to get any carves, as the dead beast would fall through the walls of the area. There is still an issue that Lao-Shan Lung's Head falls into the Fort wall, but better to get 6 carves than none!!

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