Gathering Hall

Hunters celebrating a win at their local Hall

The bar and mission counter for the Hunter's Guild through the series of Monster Hunter. The gathering hall is where hunters can obtain quests and has similar features in each game.

In the freedom series, there's also a Treasure Hunter who offers special quests to obtain awards.

  • Mission Counter

A hunter can take up any mission and set rules such as a password and the player limit (1-4) for the mission. Whoever takes up the mission has to pay the contract fee. The counter has a few guild maids - one for each class - working at it as well as the local guild host. You have to speak with the guild host the first time you enter to take missions from the Hall.

  • Quest Board

Once a quest is taken from the mission counter, others can join by taking it up on the quest board. This usually appears as a large wooden board with many slips of paper on it. Each hall has different decorations on it.

  • Shop

A guild maid runs the store that has similar items as the store in the village, selling things like potions and ammo. Some Monster Reference pages are only available from this shop, as are the power and armor charms.

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