Gathering Items

Gathering Items are used to mine for Ore and Ruststones, or to catch Insects flying around in thickets. Every Gathering Item has a set chance of breaking everytime it is used, so be sure to carry enough to gather as much as you need!

[edit] How To Make Them

Most Gathering Items can be purchased at shops or from the Peddling Granny, but they can also be created by using the following item combinations:

  • Old Pickaxe = Stone + Bone. Has a very high chance of Breaking.
  • Iron Pickaxe = Iron Ore + Bone. Has a moderate chance of breaking.
  • Mega Pickaxe = Machalite Ore + Bone. Has a low chance of breaking.

  • Old Bugnet = Net + Mystery Bone. Has a very high chance of breaking.
  • Bugnet = Net + Small Monster Bone. Has a moderate chance of breaking.
  • Mega Bugnet = Net + Medium Monster Bone. Has a low chance of breaking.

[edit] Gathering Tips

  • You can decrease the chance of your Gathering Items breaking by using armor with the 'Whim' skill.
  • You can increase the number of items that can be obtained from gathering spots by using an armor with the 'Gathering' skill.
  • If you are finding it hard to gather rare Insects and Ores, why not see if they can be duplicated using an Expand Pickaxe. This allows you to generate multiple duplicates of a compatible item without the need to go gathering.
  • When trying a High or G rank quest, you have a chance of spawning in a Secret Area. These areas are great places to gather up plenty of materials, and by using the Felyne Explorer skill you can guarantee spawning in these areas anytime you want to go gathering! (where applicable, some zones don't have them!).

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