Gear Rex

[edit] Gear Rex

The Steel-Fanged King; the Nuclear Dragon, Gear Rex
Gear Rex, or The Steel-fanged king, Gear Rex was part of a collaboration between the Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid franchises. Specifically, the creators of Monster Hunter helped create a realistic model of what MGS's Metal Gear REX would look like organically. Gear Rex debuted in MGS: Peacewalker, along with the Rathalos and Tigrex, as special enemies that can be fought in the game,

While Gear Rex is based off Metal Gear REX, it looks and fights very much like a Monster Hunter monster, along with the Rathalos and Tigrex, which fight identically as in their original game.

Gear Rex has a standard charge attack, long with the ability to fire a super-corrosive acid from it's long side appendage very similarly to how a Plesioth would fire it's water jet, and the ability to shake off large spikes that protrude from its body.

These correspond to the various arsenals that Metal Gear REX had, making it a true organic copy with a Monster Hunter feel.

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