Monster Type:Bird Wyvern
Weaknesses:Water, Thunder, Ice
Status Effect:Paralysis
Old Desert
Old Swamp
First Appearance:Monster Hunter
Appears In:Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2
Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Genprey is a Bird Wyvern that first its appearance in Monster Hunter for the PS2. It is a smaller, weaker version of the Alpha male counter part, Gendrome and behaves almost exactly the same as their cousins the Velociprey, Giaprey, and Ioprey. And whilst not considered a major threat, they are still an annoyance due to their ability to paralyze the hunter with a deadly neurotoxin in their fangs.

Genprey appear in the Desert and Old Desert and in addition they appear in the Swamp and Old Swamp zones.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: An orange and green-striped species of small carnivores found mainly in desert zones. Travelling in packs, their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to paralyze prey.

Appearance: Genprey is a lizard like creature with a variety of brownish-coloured scales; it's body structure similar to that of a velociraptor. It shares this trait with 2 other monsters, the Velociprey and Ioprey, which are both also very much similar in appearance. It bears sharp claws and teeth, which can paralyze it's prey upon contact.

Nature: It is very territorial, attacking hunters on sight, and on occasion other monsters. It prefers to stay in packs of other Genprey, so that they may outnumber and overwhelm their opponents. It will usually lunge at it's prey from a distances, or otherwise swipe with it's claws and bite if at closer range.

[edit] Combat

Like said above the Genprey have the ability to paralyze the hunter and almost the exact same, and basic, moveset as the other "prey" minions. Apparently evolution and the strength of the monsters they compete with in the desert terrain has made them stronger than their cousins.

All "prey" have three simple attacks. The first one is the "targeted leap" where the prey jumps high in your direction, assumingly attacking you with its claws. If it makes contact it sends you sprawling across the desert terrain, while not doing a lot of damage, can be an annoyance especially when fighting other monsters. This move can paralyze you.

The second attack is the bite. The prey basically runs up to you, leans its body forward, and bites you. This does minimal damage and can knock you down for a brief second, but it isn't anything to worry about. This move can also paralyze you.

The last attack isn't really an attack. If you observe a prey from afar it does this even if you're not noticed, but it can do it sometimes during battle. All the prey does is hop in no set direction. It can make contact, and it is unknown if this can paralyze you, but it is clear the prey isn't aiming for you at the time. Good opportunity to get some hits in.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Try to circle the Genprey and don't stand directly in front of it.
  • Genpreys can be a real annoyance, not only because of their targeted leap move but because that they can paralyze you. You should attempt to kill them before fighting a bigger monster.
  • Recommended Weapons
    • Green sharpness and above is recommended but not needed, any weapon type will do, Water/Thunder/Ice element will also help.

[edit] Carves

You can carve Genprey only one time. It has no exclusive G-rank carves.

[edit] Low-Rank

Genprey Fang
Genprey Hide
Genprey Scale

[edit] High-Rank

Genprey Fang
Genprey Hide+
Genprey Scale+

[edit] Notes

  • If you hit any prey in mid-air when its jumping (usually happens with a long weapon) it could break in two pieces and yield no carves.

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