Gigginox.pngThe Poison Shadow
Monster TypeFlying Wyvern
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri
SubspeciesBaleful Gigginox

Gigginox is a new monster first featured in Monster Hunter 3 that returns in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It lives in the caves of the Tundra and is similar in appearance to a Khezu, as well as bearing some movement and attacking style to both it and a Tigrex or Nargacuga. There is also an un-evolved whelp form of the monster called a Giggi, which is usually found around its habitat.

The Gigginox is a strange beast, with a pale white body, red markings on it's underside, and purple markings that luminesce in the darkness. They're commonly found in the caves of the Tundra area, waiting for prey by hanging on the ceiling in the dark. Once it detects a hunter, it will jumpfrom the ceiling and attack.

To make matters worse, this Wyvern is extremely fertile, laying innumerable amounts of eggs. The Gigginox lays two different types of eggs, a purple type and a white type. The purple egg sacks are poisonous, and will burst and emit poisonous gas after a short amount of time. The white eggs are Giggi eggs, which spawn multiple giggis. The white eggs can be broken to stop more giggis from spawning, and although Gigginox will occasionally lay eggs on the ceilings, eggs will dissappear after a while even if they aren't attacked. Gigginox will take longer to lay a Giggi egg then a poison bomb. Giggis will attack hunters, leeching their blood and depleting HP. They only deal constant damage while latched to the hunter though, so doing evasive rolls on the ground makes them less of a threat.

[edit] Baleful Gigginox

Baleful Gigginox is a subspieces of gigginox introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Baleful Gigginox lives in the same habitats as normal Gigginox, but has a different appearance and different types of attacks. Baleful Giginox use paralysis attacks.

[edit] Tips from Ironbeard the Master Hunter and Friends

Ironbeard: "Don't let the icy wind of the harsh Tundra scare ya' hunters. There's far worse things in the cold black of the deep. Gigginox will sense a wee hunter like yerself long b'fore ya even know she's watchin'! A witted hunter would bring a friend to help, should ye be caught in the terrible maw of the Gigginox!"

Gerald: "Be careful when the Gigginox is hanging on the ceiling, otherwise it'll suck you up and posion you. Gigginox = Khezu's cousin"

Snow: "Bring a torch. Bring antidotes. Bring friends. If you don't, you'll be taking a ride on the kitty cart."

[edit] Guides

Gigginox Guides

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