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Summary: The Gravios is the largest wyvern of its shape. It follows the traditional shape of two large wings, two legs, a tail and a head, with a birdlike posture. It is encased in a thick rocky shell with a heavy spiked mace tail. It is usually found in the swamp, though its natural habitat is in the volcano. It is not to be taken lightly.

General info: Difficulty; 5.5 out of 10 Carves; 4 Breakables; Chest X2, tail. Effective equipment; water weapons, dragon weapons, pitfall, shock trap, flash bomb, barrel bombs. Vital equipment; potions, rations, paintballs, shock trap, barrel bombs, flash bombs. Power seed/charm/talon/coatings optional.

Suitable weapons: Plesioth watersword. This weapon is brilliant as you can block his roar, and he gives some good opportunities to charge an attack.

Sandman finsword. This sword and shield means you can literally run rings around him. He can't touch you when you're under his chest, and when he's sleeping you can use bombs to great effect.

White mantis. Same again, you can strike easily at his chest, and escape with little risk to yourself.


Fire beam. Straight beam of fire, no range limit. It isn't hard to dodge unless its from a g rank gravios, then it can sweep across. It's stronger than most fireballs, but easily dodgeable.

Charge. He has poor acceleration, and little turning power. Considering his size, and the fact that he is basically a huge boulder, this charge is quite powerful. If you are close to him, you can dodge without even rolling. Medium-long range.

Tail sweep. A simple tail sweep from a standing position. It will swing its tail from left to right four times, and do medium damage. When he's turning he will swing his tail like any other wyvern. Low range.

Hop. He will leap in the air. If your lucky, he'll hover, blowing you back. If your unlucky he'll drop like a stone, with medium damage. Low range.

Side ram. This is the same attack as with plesioth, but it is a little easier to dodge. Run to his left side and jump to avoid the attack.

Sleep gas. He will exude a cloud of white gas that will send you off instantly if caught. It surrounds his body, and lasts about three seconds. Low range.

Red gas. A simple blast of gas that will do a small amount of damage. Usually a followup to flame beam, but not always. Low range.

Battle strategies: Gravios may be huge and intimidating, but he isn't bright, and I find his size to be his greatest weakness. If you get beneath his chest, he can only get you with gas or a hop, and will often just spin incessantly, giving you a ridiculous amount of time to hit him, and have a laugh at his expence at the same time. I would recommend a sword and shield here. Use the best water or dragon sword you have such as a high frost edge or an eternal strife, but if your best is an embarrassing one, then use a sandman weapon. You can easily put him to sleep by hitting constantly from here, then open up his chest with bombs. Once the chest armour cracks, you can do more damage. I think so anyway, it certainly reduces the number of times your weapon will bounce. If you prefer great swords, then the plesioth line of swords are good. Take a number of flash b ombs and blind him. Get in close, then block his roar. He roars for a long time, so you can keep attacking with charges. Just get beneath him. With a longsword, take white mantis or frost ripper. Use the same tactics as a sns, but you may want to use bombs and traps to break the chest first. A handy trick, when your using a fast weapon, is to play chicken. When your right at his face, he won't hit you with his charge. Obviously this should only be used if you know he'll charge, not flame beam. If you do it properly though, you can turn one of his primary attacks against him, and score a few hits. With gravios, every shot counts. Remember these tips, and remember that gravios is not what he's cracked up to be. Good luck.

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