Great Forest

The Great Forest Area of MHFU/MHP2G and MH-Frontier

The Great Forest (also known as the Sea of Trees) is map which first appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier, and later made it's way onto Monster Hunter Portable 2G/Freedom Unite. It is a location known to host the debut of new colour variant monsters such as the Emerald Congalala, as well as new monsters to the series, including the Nargacuga and Hypnocatrice.

The Great Forest, as the name entails, is an area comprised of lush vegetation as well as a beautiful waterfall. Many diverse and wild creatures live in the forest and as a result of this, there is always chatter. Most of the scenery is extremely green and littered with foliage, making it a perfect location to gather for plant and bug related items. There is also a small lake located in the forest's northern reaches.

At the center of the forest stands a towering tree, a monolithic plant that equals the Ancient Tower in size. The inside of its base is used as a nest by numerous creatures, and contains rocks with rare ore within them. The top is broken and flat, another trait shared with the Tower, and a hunter may find themselves here on occasion.

The beasts that reside within the forest's great expanses include Nargacuga and Hypnocatrice. It is also home to the Emerald Congalala, subspecies of the pink Primatus Congalala and Shakala, as well as a variety of 'prey' [[|Bird Wyverns|bird-wyverns]].

The Great Forest also has another unique feature in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as part of the content download it offers, altering the map slightly.

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