Great Jaggi Bowgun Guide

Here's a guide to all you Bowgun users, who are having trouble with the Great Jaggi, although I doubt anyone is. :P Anyways, on with the guide!

Before you go and try to beat the pulp out of him, you have to learn his attacks, or else you'll end up dying or failing the quest. XD Here's a short guide about his attacks. :D This isn't a perfect guide, and these may not be all his attacks, so don't rely on this! Trust your eyes. o.o

Bite : Simple. He steps forward and bites. He can do this once or twice in a row. He can also do this sideways.

Howl : Not necessarily an attack, but I figured you should know this. ^^; He lifts up his head and starts howling.

Side Step : He positions himself sideways, and he slams you. This one can be dodged by just rolling to the side. Get hit and it'll hurt.

Tail Whip : Yay for Pokemon attacks! 8D He's going to jump/hop, and when he lands, hes going to move his hip, sending his tail swinging to the the side. He can do this twice. Make sure you dodge.

Jump : He...jumps. XD He jumps backwards.

Rage Mode : He walks in place, and white smoke comes out of his mouth. Then he's going to attack.

Sign for capture/Weak : Limping

Now that you know about his attacks, let's move on!

Recommended Items:

Potion x10 (Mix Blue Mushroom and Herb)

- For those who really get hit a lot

Mega Potion x10 (Mix Potion and Honey)

- Not really needed, I didn't use any, but I brought 5 just in case


- You can get these in the supply Box, but the more the merrier, right?

Large barrel Bombs x3

- Bring these if you have enough/if you want a faster kill

You're free to bring other items to suit your needs, but really, you don't need much. I ended up using nothing, no steaks, no potions, no anything. All it takes is good evading skills, patience...and a nice supply of ammo. I managed to beat him on my first try with absolutely NO armor, so if you have armor, then good for you.

Recommended Ammo:

Flaming S x60

- This is what you'll mainly use. Since he is weak to fire, this is going to be effective. 

Para S x12

- Bring these if you want to get extra hits or if you want to complete Subquest B

Bring any kind of ammo you want, but trust me, this is all you need. You don't have to buy the Flaming Ammo, but you can if you want a faster kill. You can substitute it with Normal S Lv1, although it would take a bit longer. If you run out of Flaming S, make sure you have extra ammo, like the ones that the Supply Box offers. xD

First things first, save if you need to, upgrade your weapons, buy stuff. Do anything you need.You should have access to the Felyne Chef now, so feel free to eat. I picked Fresh Crustbread and Fresh Mossy Cheese (for now), fried to perfection. Kinda gross, I know, but it increases your health and defense. If you have your own combination, then use it. Experiment! On to the guide!

First, go read what the Guild Sweetheart has to say, maybe do the battle cry with her. :P After that, go to the Supply Box and get the stuff you need. Once you're done, go ahead to Area 6, where you'll encounter the Great Jaggi for the first time. This is where it starts to get lively! Don't forget to paintball him. ;)

If you're aiming for the subquests, then try stunning him by shooting him with your Paralysis Ammo. Be careful with your shooting though, it takes more than one hit to stun him, so try to hit him and don't miss, or it won't have any effect. If he gets stunned, you're free to do anything you want. Heal, eat some steaks if you brought some, reload, but if you brought some Barrel Bombs, then now's the time to use them! You can only put two at a time though. So, position them near the Great Jaggi's face, and shoot the barrels!

Make sure you keep your distance though, or else you might get hit by the explosion and end up dying. :( Now, you might see white smoke come out of his mouth. Now, he's angry! Rage mode, yes. You're free to shoot, although you should watch out for his side step attack. It's a nasty attack that packs a punch, and drains quite a bit of your health. He's going to use it more often when he's in rage mode. Just roll away when you see him getting ready to do this attack, and you'll be fine. make sure you avoid his other attacks as well, because since he's in rage mode, he's going to be a bit faster and his attacks will become stronger.

Just keep on hitting him (You should have broke his head by now) and eventually he's going to start and limp. It should be really obvious. If it's not...then you should consider getting some glasses. XD Previous monster hunters who have played the previous games should be familiar with this. Yes, he's weak! 8D Now, go follow him, and when he falls asleep, wake him up by shooting him. He's going to be in rage mode, so watch out! Just keep shooting him some more, and eventually, he'll die. Hoorah! Carve for items, and voila. Quest done. :D


Make sure you paintball him, so when he flees, you know where to go. If you didn't paintball him, make sure you pay attention to the direction he's going to go, although paintballing him is easier. ;)

You don't really need to kill the Jaggi and Jaggia, because you can just avoid them. If they're annoying you though, or if they're too much, feel free to kill them, but since the Great Jaggi can call more of them, there's really no point in doing so (Unless you're doing the Capture quest).

If you're doing the Capture Quest, make sure you don't kill him when he starts limping! He should flee to Area 6. Don't go in yet, wait for a while, and when you see him sleeping, go and place a shock trap under him. It should wake him up. When he does so, shoot him with your Tranq ammo or throw your Tranq Bombs, and you're done. :)

Another way to tell if he's limping/weak is to listen. If you hear a shiny (I can't describe it, but you should hear it. XDD) sound, that means he's weak. He should be fleeing right now. He should have dropped a shiny item. Find that shiny item and press A. You should get a random item. Take note that this may not happen all the time!

When you see him roaring/howling (He's kind of standing up, his head up high), that means he's calling for Jaggi/Jaggia. Try shooting him in the face to prevent him from calling them. If you've done enough damage, he should flinch and stop howling.

If you see him drooling, that means that he used up his stamina. If you took the Tinged Meat from the Supply Box, place it somewhere when he can see it, and he should it eat because of his hunger. ;D And of course, he will get paralyzed. Feel free to do whatever you want.

By now you should have killed this oversized lizard Bird Wyvern. Congratulations! :D I hope this guide helped you in some way. :)

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