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Plesioth.JPGThe underwater terror
Monster TypePiscine
WeaknessesThunder, Fire
HabitatsOld Desert Old Jungle Desert JungleMoat Arena
First AppearanceMonster Hunter

The Plesioth is part of the Piscine classification of monsters; Piscine coming from the Latin word for fish. They come in two flavors, the normal Plesioth and the Green Plesioth. Being part of the Piscine family, the Plesioth tends to spend most of its time in the water swimming, however one may lure it out of the water by using a multitude of items including sonic bombs and frogs. There is no greater joy, when it comes to fishing, than to pull a Plesioth out of the water as it is sensitive to sound.

Once on land, the Plesioth becomes a great annoyance. They especially love using a hip check attack that can hit you, even if you stand on the other side of the attack. However, true to the phrase fish out of water, the Plesioth seems to be knocked over more easily compared to land-based wyverns. A useful tactic, to prevent it from jumping back in the water, is to make note of where the Plesioth runs before it dives in. By placing a shock trap at this spot, you can halt its retreat for at least a few more seconds while also scoring a few free hits.

It is also important to note that the Plesioth can be killed while in the water. If this happens, you will be unable to carve it, so gunner beware.

Another thing, if a Plesioth is in the water, it can use it's water gun attack. It submerges then pops out and spits water.


[edit] Tips

  • Plesioth is very weak to both Fire and Thunder elemental damage. It is also very vulnerable to cutting damage on the soft underbelly.
  • The Plesioth has a very low tolerance to Paralysis, and is also very susceptible to Shock Traps, remaining trapped noticeably longer than other monsters
  • Note that if you used sonic bombs on plesioth it will instantly goes into rage mode when goes out of the water.
  • Its fin can be broken by hitting its belly.

[edit] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


[edit] Plesioth

Plesioth is a different monster in this game, it can be fought in the water, it's hitboxes are fixed. But it's new aggravating move is the tail swipe, I guess he's just cursed to be annoying? Also, it lunges at you in water, quite similar to the old Plesioth when he slides on land.

[edit] Guides

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