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A hunters guild card, click for a closer view.

A hunter's Guild Card is a record of everything they have done and achieved in the game. It displays myriad statistics and represents a token of friendship amongst players.

  • You can give your Guild Card to anybody else that you hunt with, and can store the Guild Cards of upto 96 other hunters.
  • The material that your Guild Card is made from can vary from Paper to Platinum. In order to upgrade your Card, you have to improve as a hunter and clear more quests.

A guild card shows your hunters chosen name, the equipment you were currently using, number of quests cleared, and a welcome message on the first tab. The next tab has a bar graph that shows the different weapons you used on your quests. Finally there's a tab for online training school and treasures. You can earn and obtain new titles to use on your Guild Card by progressing in the game. Some are awarded for earning Guild Points, others by killing a fixed number of a certain enemy, and some require you to achieve a certain goal.

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