The Hammer


[edit] General Info

The Hammer is a weapon most notable for it's unparalleled brute strength. Many of the weapons within the Monster Hunter Series, having the greatest raw damage, are in fact Hammers. Hammers are also often the worst of choices for elemental melee weapons. However, the raw power that each produces, is able to make up for this flaw. Hammers fall under the Blademaster class of weapons that a player can wield. It is widely suggested that beginner players shy away from getting a Hammer immediately. Even so, skill and weapon proficiency rely on the player more so than the weapon. This means that even a novice can properly wield a Hammer, as any other weapon. Hammer weapons are also known to be costly in the amount of crafting materials. Ore based Hammers in particular, require great amounts of ore to be crafted. Hammers are a slow weapon type, but the player is able to jog while carrying one in hand. The player slows down greatly however, when preparing to attack.

[edit] Weapon Use

To unsheathe the weapon, the player must use an attack button, or direction on the analog stick (only in the Playstation 2 games). Players can also unsheathe their Hammer while moving, which results in an attack. For Hammers, this flings the weapon upwards, capable of launching fellow players into the air. The standard combo for a Hammer is quite simple. It consists on two downward pounds, with a 'golf club' swing at the end. In the Playstation Portable games, the Triangle button is used for these attacks. In the Playstation 2 games, pressing up on the analog stick is how to perform this combo. The final attack is notable the most powerful. Players can also add a relatively weak and short side swing, to start off the combo. In the PSP games this is done with the Circle button, and pressing down on the analog stick in the PS2 games.

The attacks change almost entirely for when the player 'charges' the Hammer. This is done by holding the Right Shoulder button in the Playstation Portable games, and the R1 button in the Playstation 2 games. This ability uses up stamina, and when you run out, the attack corresponding to your charge time will occur. When released prematurely, be it moving or standing, it produces a relatively weak downward swing. When held for a slightly longer time, the downward swing is accompanied with an upward swing of equal power. The upward swing is capable of launching fellow players into the air. When held until the player flashes over with light, charging can produce two different attacks based on being mobile or stationary. When released standing still, the player performs a powerful 'ground pound'. This attack is stronger than the standard attack, and has a wide area of effect.

When releasing while moving, the player begins to spin around and swing the Hammer. Hits from the spinning are relatively weak. When they press the Triangle button, or up on the analog stick, they can again make an attack depending on timing. When used right away, the aforementioned downward swing occurs. Midway, the downwards then upwards combo occurs. Finally, if accurately timed towards the end, the player can perform the 'gold club' swing for a great deal of damage. If too much time is taken however, the player eventually stops and takes a moment to pull their Hammer back into their grasp. This leaves the player open to attack.

[edit] Special Properties

The Hammer, although classed as a Blademaster weapon, is a blunt weapon. Therefore it is a poor choice for cutting monster hide and shell. However, it does well in damaging larger areas of monsters, such as the head and hind legs. Most notable among the special properties, is the daze effect it can induce on monsters. When a player makes continuous attacks to the head of a monster, that monster will at one point become dazed. when this occurs, the monster will fall over for a brief amount of time, unable to get up or attack. This is a wonderful time for the hunter (and fellow hunters if present in the party) to attack the monster, which likely has body parts more open to attack in this state.

As of Monster Hunter Tri, the hammer has the added effect of exhausting creatures faster than normal.

[edit] Controls

Control Type Triple Smash Side Smash Windup Swing
Right Analog Up Right Analog Right R1
Triangle Circle R
A Tilt Left+A or Minus Z

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