Heavenly Scale

The bane of many a hunter, the Heavenly Scale is the rarest item you can get from most monsters, and is often required to make the very best armour and weapons.

The following monsters have Heavenly Scales:

The Ukanlos also has an item belonging to this class called the 'Ukanlos Stone'.

[edit] How To Get Heavenly Scales

You can obtain these incredibly rare items in a few ways, so if you are getting no luck trying one method, why not try a different way?

The possible ways of obtaining a Heavenly Scale are:

  • Carving the body or tail of the listed monsters, although in the cases of Rathalos and Rathian only the tail carve can give Heavenly Scales.
  • Make the monsters drop Shinies, as they have a small chance of yielding a Heavenly Scale.
  • Breaking certain monster parts increases your chances of obtaining a Heavenly Scale in rewards.
  • In most cases, you get increased chances of getting a Heavenly Scale by capturing a monster via Tranquilizers and Shock Traps.
  • It is also quite common to get Heavenly Scales by beating Epic Hunting Quests involving your target monster.
  • By playing with friends, you will receive a Veggie Elder Ticket Sky for every 100 friendship hearts that you obtain. These tickets can be taken to various Veggie Elders and traded for Heavenly Scales. However, each Elder gives a different Heavenly Scale when you trade-in the Sky Ticket, so don't save until you find the right Elder for the Scale you require.

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