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This is the page where we list the current projects on the wiki. So far, our biggest problem is organization, and general lack of information.

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[edit] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Armor Page

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Kayamba

[edit] Quests

[edit] Items

We're currently doing major renovations on items. Any and all help completing these would be GREATLY appreciated. ~Tunstall

[edit] Side Projects

Little side projects that take up part of our time. They will change rapidly.

[edit] Monster Hunter FAQ

Compilation of frequently asked questions about the series, and answers to them. This will allow moderators of the monster hunter forums to direct questions to the wiki, and subsequently garner more attention to it.

[edit] Basic/General Information Pages

We want to create a Newbie Guide into the world of Monster Hunter, but we don't want to get too specific with just one title of the series. The main purpose of this FAQ is to provide universal information that is applicable to the majority of the series.If neoseeker becomes a site for monster hunter information, hunters will stick around. Let's make that happen!

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List subject to change/additions

[edit] Content Revisions

Monitors pages for up to date information, and corrects those that don't have it. Anyone's game.

[edit] Recruiting

The wiki is understaffed, so try and recruit contributors that know a good deal on monster hunter. Do so within Neoseeker rules, and do not spam messages! A quick post in a monster hunter forum's neowiki discussion or General Discussion will suffice.

[edit] Editing help/minor contributions

Check out these pages for editing help:

  1. Neowiki beginner's guide Neoseeker's very own editing guide by members for members.
  2. Media Wiki Guide Goes far more in depth
  3. Table Help Guide to making tables and editing tables - A must Read

Don't want to help on the main project?