Rendered-Hornetaur.pngBeetles of the jungle, Hornetaur.
Monster Type:Neopteron
Status Weakness:Poison
Habitats:Old Jungle
First Appearance:Monster Hunter (PS2)
Appears In:Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2
Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Hornetaurs are a relatively small insect species that fall under the Neopteron category. They first made their debut in Monster Hunter for the PS2.

They mainly inhabit lush and rainy zones such as the Jungle and Old Jungle. Hornetaurs are close cousins with the Vespoid and Altaroth.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: A Vespoid-like monster with a thicker shell. Easily damaged, there are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed. But if you could sap their health gradually.

Appearance: All Hornetaur have a dull grey coloring on their shells, their legs colored brown-orange, and their wings are translucent. Not much else is to be said about these small creatures in terms of appearance except that they have a different hue in the rain then they do in the sun.

Nature: Aggressive. When it spots you it will attack immediately by hopping at you.

[edit] Combat

The Hornetaur have a considerably low attack power, as well as amount of health. They can usually be dealt with using a single hit from almost any weapon in the game. However, they do have a degree of resistance to the dragon element.

Hornetaur are greatly limited in terms of attack variety. The first attack is a simple walking motion towards the player, made an attack by the sharp pincer at the head of a Hornetaur. The second is a 'grasshopper' jump, often twice in a row, towards the player. These attacks do very little damage. However, a careless player can be killed in short time by multiple Hornetaur if action is not taken. Both attacks make the player flinch for a short time, which is enough for a second or third Hornetaur to make their move.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Hornetaurs will mostly shatter if killed regularly, rarely will they be carvable if killed without poison.
  • They are not a serious threat but should be dealt with accordingly if a larger monster is in the area.
  • Poison Smoke Bombs do wonders on these critters.
  • Recommended Element(s)

Poison - This is the only useful Element for use against Hornetaur. The reason being, is that Hornetaur can be carved upon death, and their materials can be used to forge strong weapons and armor. Most weapons however, as previously mentioned, break the Hornetaur into pieces. Poison, when given enough time, can kill a Hornetaur in a way as to allow the player to carve materials from them. The Item 'Poison Smoke Bomb' that is made by combining Bomb Material and Toadstool, can be used to poison several Hornetaur within a small radius.

  • Recommended Weapon

Poison Battle Axe - Very easy to acquire, cheap and perfect for killing Hornetaurs by poisoning them. Hornetaurs come in two sizes. What you need to do is hit the small version once (jump attack is easiest) and the big version three times. After this they are poisoned most of the time and will die very quickly. The few who are not, can be killed via 'Poison Smoke Bomb' or hacked to pieces the old fashioned way. Killing them with this small sword is faster than poisoning with a bow, needs no ammo and is easier to handle.

[edit] Carves

You can carve Hornetaur only one time. It has no exclusive G-rank carves.

[edit] Low-Rank

Monster Fluid
Hornetaur Head
Hornetaur Wing
Hornetaur Shell

[edit] High-Rank

Hornetaur Carapace
Monster Broth
Hornetaur Inner Wing
Hornetaur Wing

[edit] Notes

  • Hornetaurs have limited abilities in flight.
  • Most often small, there are some instances where Hornetaur grow nearly 3/4 the size of the player. This change in size does not account to greater defensive or offensive powers. It does seem however, the larger Hornetaur have greater amounts of health.

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