Jhen Mohran

Jhen Mohran
Jhen Mohran.jpgDesert Behemoth
NameJhen Mohran
Monster TypeElder Dragon
WeaknessesDragon, Ice, Water
HabitatsSea of Sand
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

Jhen Mohran is a new monster exclusively featured in Monster Hunter 3. It is the replacement for Lao-Shan Lung and roams the deserts, devouring sand ships and the hunters that transport on them.

A massive Elder Dragon, this beast is one of the biggest creatures to be seen in the history of the series. Its enormous tusks are used to tear through any thing that would get in its way, while sands and stones pile up on its dorsal fin. Some stones pile on particularly thick and can be mined right from the back of the beast. Others can be broken open to allow hunters to walk through to the other side of the monster's body.

The creatures are seen by villages in the Sea of Sand as symbols of great prosperity, their hides brimming with ores and other valuable materials. When one is spotted, many hunters are instantly driven to slay the beast en mass mostly due to the price its great tusks fetch.

Packs of Delex seem to follow this Elder Dragon. These carnivores feed on the scraps left behind by Jhen Morhran. They also will jump on the boats send out to hunt the Elder Dragon, attacking the players.

One team for this hunt is given the Dragon Boat and are tasked with defending local villages from the creature using ballistas, cannons, the Ballista Binder, Hunting Gong and the almighty Dragonator built into the ship to fend off the beast.

If one should climb onto his back to mine ore, plant Anti-Dragon bombs, or otherwise, it should be noted that the Jhen will shiver and creak before buck hunters off his back and hurling them into the sand. Watch for these signs and when they appear, be sure to jump off before he can deal damage. Either into the sand on or the ship, depending on how far away he is.

Before he rams into the ship, (depending on his position) he will either rear to the side then slam or rear up and slam down. This is important knowledge for those in charge of the Hunting Gong.

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