Game Description: A Loathsome wyverns that live in caves. Near blind, they detect their prey by smell. They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they use to paralyse their prey.

Extra Description: The Khezu is a hideous, grey or red Wyvern that lives in the Swamp or Snowy Mountains. It has no eyes, which logically means that it is blind. However its sense of smell allows it to track its prey. Its movements are slow, but if you get hit, chances are the Khezu will combo you to death.

Khezu's main offensive and defensive trait exists in the form of electric shocks. One, as a defensive move, is a large shield of electrical current that it will run over its body to ward off attackers. The next is a concentrated burst that can not only cause major damage, but stun anything it touches. In addition to these, in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Khezu added the ability to generate its electric shield while tackling or leaping at prey, making it much more threatening.

Khezu's body also shows great elasticity, stretching its neck to bite or thrash at anything in front of it. It's also capable of emitting a high pitched wail that will render any unguarded hunters defenseless for a few moments.

Finally, there are three forms of Khezu, the Red and the White and Small. None show any real distinction in attack patterns or general ecology, but red khezu have developed a resistance to the fire that the normal Khezu don't have. However, they lost the strength against water that the Khezu normally have in return. Finally there is the small Khezu that only appears in the quest "Small Shadow In The Swamp" Its combat style is the same as a White Khezu.

Red Khezu

[edit] Tips

  • The Khezu, like stated above, is weak to the fire element. However the red variant is weak to water.
  • A well aimed Dung Bomb will cause to Khezu to be temporarily disoriented, similar to a Flash Bomb.
  • The legs and tail are hard to penetrate with a weapon with low sharpness, remember this
  • The Khezu's weak point is the neck
  • The color variant has an extra move where it stretches out its neck and flails it at you.
  • The Khezu will occasionally jump up on the ceiling in caves and drip saliva from its mouth. Sometimes this yields a shiny.
  • Once killed, he will allow you 3 carves.
  • In MHFU,G Rank Khezu have acquired an upgrade to his electrical attacks that will cause it to go through 8 lanes instead of 3.

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