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[edit] Khezu Melee Guide


Welcome to my first ever Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP) guide. I am going to try and help you all to defeat the Khezu. This monster is the bane of many new hunters and at high rank its red counterpart is a threat to skilled hunters.

[edit] Contents

  • 1. Description
  • 2. Equipment Recommendations
  • 3. Items List
  • 4. Attacks List + Dodging
  • 5. Elemental and Physical Weaknesses
  • 6. How to Fight Back

[edit] 1. Description

Game Description: Loathsome wyverns that live in caves. Near blind, they detect their prey by smell. They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they use to paralyse their prey.

Extra Description: The Khezu is a hideous, grey or red wyvern that lives in the Swamp or Snowy Mountains. It has no eyes, which logically means that it is blind. However its sense of smell allows it to track its prey. Its movements are slow, but if you get hit, chances are the Khezu will combo you to death.

[edit] 2.Equipment Reccomendations

Elder/Guild Hall Low Khezu: Bring a strong defensive armour with thunder resistance if possible. At this stage you should try Kut Ku armour. Bring a sword and shield so that you are able to roll out of the way quickly and, when necessary, block.

High Rank Khezu: By this stage you should try to get Rathalos Soul Armour and gem it for High Grade Earplugs. Another possibility is Full Tigrex armour with Garuga mask. Once you have High Grade Earplugs feel free to gem for any extra skills you want.

[edit] 3. Items List

  • 10 Potions
  • 1-10 Mega Potions (if possible)
  • 10 Herbs
  • 20 Whetstones
  • 1 Shock Trap
  • 1 Pitfall Trap (if possible)
  • 2 Trap Tools
  • 2 Genprey Fangs
  • Book of Combos 1 + 2
  • 20 paintballs
  • 3 psychoserum
  • 3 Large Barrel Bombs/2 Large Barrel Bomb+
  • 10 Small Barrel Bombs
  • 10 mushroom

[edit] 4. Attacks List + Dodging

This section will attempt to familiarise you with each of Khezu’s attacks and teach you how to avoid them all.

a. Static Shock: Khezu will envelope himself in electricity by plugging his tail into the ground and bringing his entire body to ground level. He usually does this when you are close to him to get you away from him. Getting hit by this can set you up for a combo. Medium Damage

How to Avoid: Don’t be near the Khezu when he does this. The air around Khezu will fill with static electricity. If you’re attacking him then this is your cue to get out of there.

b. Straight Bite: Khezu will bite by stretching his neck directly in front of him. Low Damage

How to Avoid: Don’t stand directly in front of his head. If you are attacking his face, watch for him to lift his head back slightly and roll out of the way or block.

c. Diagonal bite: This is the traditional bite used by all wyverns. He steps forward with his right foot and bites towards his left. Low Damage.

How to Avoid: roll to HIS right if you are attacking the head. If you are anywhere else then you should be fine where you are.

d. Jump Attack: Khezu swings his head back before throwing himself in your direction. Medium Damage

How to Avoid: Run to his side when you see him swing his head back.

e. Electro Jump Attack: This is identical to the jump attack except he coats himself in electricity for extra damage. (ONLY happens when Khezu is in rage mode) High Damage

How to Avoid: Same as the jump attack.

f. Electro Tri-Shot: Khezu slowly lifts his head high before bringing it back down and sends three balls(For lack of a better word) of electricity along the ground. These balls spread out and cover a wider area the further you are away from Khezu. Getting hit often/always results in becoming paralysed. He likes to spam this attack after successfully paralysing you so DON’T get hit by it. Medium-High Damage

How to Avoid: Stand close to Khezu at his side.

g. Roar: Khezu lifts his head back, bends his neck and roars loudly. This attack is the bane of many hunters as they often fail to recognise it until it’s too late to block or they use a weapon that can’t block. Getting caught sets you up for an Electro Tri-Shot or Electro Jump Attack which is followed by another attack until you are dead. No Damage

How to Avoid: When you see it pull its head back BLOCK! If you have High Grade Earplugs then it won’t bother you at all.

h. Head Swing (Red Khezu only): The Khezu will stetch its neck and flail its head wildly in front of it. This looks pretty disgusting to be honest. Low Damage

How to Avoid: Stand far to the side of Khezu as this attack can have quite a long range.

i. Tail Whip: The Khezu spins, using its tail to hit you. Low Damage.

How to Avoid: Stand a short distance away from Khezu. It’s tail is short so chances are that this won’t hit you.

j. Roof Jump and Drop: If you are in a cave the Khezu will jump and crawl along the roof in your direction before dropping down and trying to flatten you. Medium Damage.

How to Avoid: Stay away from Khezu's shadow while it is on the roof.

k. Acid Drool: Only used when Khezu is on the roof of a cave. He hangs from the ceiling and drops of acid fall from its mouth.Low Damage but the drops can add up if you get hit by a lot.

How to Avoid: Once again, avoid standing under the Khezu's shadow while he is on the cave roof.

[edit] 5. Elemental and Physical Weaknesses

Regular Khezu: The standard Khezu is incredibly weak to fire element and its weakest point is located on the head/neck.

Red Khezu: The red Khezu, unlike its grey counterpart, is weak to water and ice, although good raw power also works well. Again, the head/neck is the weak point.

[edit] 6. How to Fight Back

Basic Strategy: As soon as you find him paintball him. Re-paint him every 5 minutes to make sure you don't lose track of him. During the battle stand at Khezu’s side when you are not attacking him as this will help you avoid his attacks. NEVER try to nestle between a Khezu’s legs to get an easy battle, he will just shock you. If he jumps at you try and land a few hits on his back legs before he gets up and tries to shock you for your efforts. You should focus on one of his legs and his head/neck. I suggested the leg because attacking the leg because it makes him fall over, giving you free hits. When he does his Thunder Tri-Shot wait at his side for his head to come down then start attacking his head before rolling away, don’t jump in too soon as his body can hit you as he drops to fire the electricity. When he roars, block. If you have High Grade Earplug you can attack him while he roars. If you are very quick you can land a few hits when he bites but it is very risky if he is in rage mode. Do not take too many chances against Khezu as he likes to spam attack you.

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