Ragiakurusu.jpgKing of the Seas
Monster TypeLeviathan
WeaknessesFire, Dragon, Ice
HabitatsDeserted Island Flooded Forest
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

Lagiacrus is a new and the flagship monster exclusively for Monster Hunter 3. It is a large sea dwelling serpent wyvern, which has a similar style of body to a regular dragon. It can also roam on land, but is significantly slower. The flagship monster also has the ability to emit electric fields from the spikes on it's back, to electrify the water surrounding it.

The great Leviathan named Lagiacrus. It is serpent like and has been shown to swim rather gracefully in water and has been dubbed "King of the Seas". It has been confirmed that this monster can fight outside of water, so the player will be able to fight it on land or in the water. It's bright-red dorsal spikes store its electric charge gathered by solar energy. Breaking them will severely reduce the power and frequency of the beast's electric attacks.

A large water monster that rules the deep, vast oceans and is feared by many a seafarer. It sits comfortably at the top of the oceanic food chain. It's capable of producing sea water boiling giant waves of electricity in the outer layer of its skin, which it stores in a specialized organ in its dorsal until it's ready to be used. It is known to to come ashore to regain its strength after discharging or to rest when it's tired.

Lagiarcus is also one of those creatures that have multiple breakable parts, both of its front claws, its back, its head and its chest can break, its tail can be severed too.

As an interesting note like rathian lagiacrus also has a plate of its own you have 4% of carving it from the tail, 6% of getting one via quest reward (not breaking any of its parts) by breaking its horns you get a 3% via quest reward and whooping 2% of having it drop one as a shiny item, as a side note you have 72% of obtaining a wyvern tear via shiny item drop.

[edit] Tips from Ironbeard and Friends

Ironbeard: "This sea beastie means business! He'll shred ya to wee bits if ya don't keep yer wits. In the vast ocean there's nowhere to hide, so best bring Chacha along so he can distract 'im while ya go for his dorsal spines. Breakin' those spines will stop his wicked electric attacks, so do it fast!"

Gerald: "Watch out for when he spits balls of electricity! *HADOUKEN!*"

Snow: "Lagi will always have the advantage in the water. He's built for speed and his attacks reach far. Your best bet is to lure him to the land. He's a tad slower on dry land, so throw some traps down and cut off his tail for an extra carve. Oh, and bring a max potion. You're gonna need it."

[edit] Guides

Lagiacrus Guides

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