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The Lord of the Seas

The final monster" of Tri plays a large role in the online campaign, and will likely be one of the worst encounters yet for new hunters. Native to the Deserted Island and Flooded Forest areas. In its element (any large body of water), Lagiacrus is one of the more aggresive monsters in the game, with plenty of powerful Thunder and physical attacks!

[edit] Stats

Number of carves: 3 (Body), 1 (Tail)

Breakables: Horn, Dorsal Spine, Chest, Tail

Rage Mode: Will attack and move faster, dash attacks will be charged with Thunder element, fires two Thunderballs from mouth, will follow up bodychecks with an additional bodycheck.

Weaknesses:ice and thunder(werid) .

Number of times it locks on between attacks: 5

[edit] Monster Attacks

Forward bites

Range: Mid-range directly in front of Lagi.

 Note: Cranes its neck forward to bite whatever is in front of it twice.

Body Coil

Range: 360 degrees around Lagi itself.

 Note: Lagi "coils" in place like a spring, then "unwinds" itself in an attempt to swat nearby hunters with either its long neck or tail.  Can be done either on land or underwater; the latter boasts greater vertical range.

Thunder ball

Range: Straight line in front of Lagi.

 Note: Lagi fires a ball of Thunder from its mouth which flies directly forward.  Fires two thunder balls when enraged.  Can be done either on land or underwater.

Thunder shield

Range: Directly around Lagi.

 Note: Lagi roars, generating a Thunder "forcefield" around itself to shock nearby hunters.  It's entire body aside from the head will be covered with Thunder, which can be blocked/countered.  Underwater only.

Thunder storm

Range: Large area around Lagi.

 Note: Similar to Thunder Shield, but with a more distinct start up.  Generates HUGE sparks of Thunder around itself, shocking a very large around Lagi.  Underwater only.

Furious charge

Range: Very long distance forward.

 Note: Lagi maneouvers to put some distance between itself and its target underwater, rears in place, then charges forward a considerable distance in an effort to ram into hunters.  On land this attack is considerably less dangerous.  Lagi's underwater charge generates a torrent of water around itself during this move, meaning hunters too close to Lagi as it rushes by will be briefly stunned.  Lagi may attempt another version of this move where it charges forward, then back.

Tail whip

Range: Vertical line in front of Lagi.

 Note: Lagi whips its tail upwards from an upright position.  Can cause waterblight if hit by tail.  Underwater only.

Hip check

Range: Mid-range in front of Lagi.

 Note: Lagi rears itself to its side, and attempts to bodycheck its target.  Can be done underwater or on land, but the move is much more dangerous underwater because Lagi can attempt to pull another hipcheck immediately afterward if it is in Rage mode, and it may even surround itself with Thunder while doing so, causing Thunderblight as well as a whole lot of damage!

Belly flop

Range: Lagi's upper body.

 Note: Lagi raises its upper body and drops it to the ground in an effort to crush anything unfortunate enough to be under it for some reason.  Also causes Tremor, briefly stunning hunters who are too close to Lagi when it hits the ground.

[edit] Blademaster

Outside of the initial offline urgent quest, Hunters will most likely encounter the Lagiacrus underwater either in the Moga Woods or the Flooded Forest (capture missions). Unfortunately, this is the environment where the Leviathan has a distinct advantage, so it pays to keep track of its attacks, which consist of physical, water, and electrical.

At a distance, the Lagiacrus can shoot balls of lightning from its mouth; in Rage mode, it will often fire two. The Lagiacrus may also coil up and attempt to charge at the Hunter(s); the leviathan can cover quite a bit of distance with this move! It can even do a version of the attack where it surrounded by electricity to deliver the shock status ailment. In Rage mode, the Lagiacrus will very likely charge twice in a row!

The Lagiacrus is no less aggressive up close underwater. In addition to simply just advancing into or biting at the Hunter, the Lagiacrus can attempt a powerful slam with the side of its body, which often happens most annoyingly after a charge. The Lagiacrus may also attack you by swiping its long tail upwards, generating powerful water currents to throw you off balance. The Lagiacrus can quickly coil its body into a spiral, then "uncoil" itself with the hopes of hitting the Hunter with either its long neck or tail; this attack can catch Hunters off guard if they're not careful when up close!

The Lagiacrus has two powerful electric attacks; its dorsal spikes will glow and become surrounded by electricity in an attempt to shock the area around it. The less powerful version of this attack simply covers the Lagiacrus itself more or less, and can actually be blocked by shields; with proper timing it can even be countered by lancers. The more powerful version is far more dangerous, and delivers giant sparks surrounding itself. The Lagiacrus will often crane its neck downward while emitting a roar when pulling off the more powerful shock attack, so players should dodge and otherwise create some distance between them and the Lagiacrus.

If the Hunter is attacking the chest, he/she may often find a safe spot near the Lagiacrus' shoulder area that will prevent him/her from being hit by the "coil" attack; positioned correctly, the head and neck will simply travel straight over the Hunter's heads.

When the Lagiacrus receives enough damage or is fatigued, it will retreat onto nearby land to recuperate. The Hunter should follow and continue their assault! While the Lagiacrus is nowhere near as mobile on land as it is underwater, it can still do powerful dash attacks into the Hunter, including its "normal" and electric types. In addition to dashing headfirst, the Lagiacrus may position itself sideways to its target and simply bodycheck it! Keep an eye out for its bite attacks if engaging the Lagiacrus from the front. Note that the Lagiacrus can also still fire lightning balls on land. Like the Royal Ludroth, the Lagiacrus can coil itself into a spiral shape before uncoiling again, in an attempt to whip Hunters near it with its neck or tail.

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