Lances are long, large weapons used for quick stabbing attacks. Lances are cumbersome weapons, much like hammers, and whilst the weapon is out, the hunter carrying it will move slowly. Lances are capable of blocking many attacks with it's large shield, and it is possible to move, attack, and block almost simultaneously. Lances are also notable for their unique charge attack, which is exactly what it sounds like. The hunter aims his/her weapon and runs, full pelt, towards their target. This drains stamina at an alarming rate.

An important technique for the Lance is "stepping" which replaces the normal roll other weapons have. The hunter using the weapon will make a wide step in any direction, though normally left, right, or backward. In Monster Hunter Freedom/Portable 2 and games in ther series dating after this title, the number of steps was increased from two, to three steps, greatly improving the dodging capability of a lance wielder.

[edit] Headlocking

In previous games, lances were capable of "headlocking" an opponent, inflicting enough damage to the head of a monster to cause it to flinch, and then causing enough damage to cause the monster to flinch again straight after flinching. This rendered the monster helpless at the hands of the hunter, and, due to the constant flinching, is unable to move.

From Monster Hunter Freedom 2 onwards, a new hybrid weapon called the Gunlance was included as a new weapon class.

[edit] Controls

Control Type Forward Thrust Upward Thrust Block Charge Blocking Thrust Counter Charge Swing Forward Dash Shield Bash
Right Analog Up Right Analog Down R1 R3 R1+Right Analog Up N/A N/A N/A N/A
Triangle Circle R R+Triangle+Circle R+Triangle N/A N/A N/A N/A
A Tilt Left+A Z Minus Z+A Tilt Up+A Tilt Right+A Z+Forward+B Forward Dash+A

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