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Guide to Solo Kill Lao-Shan Lung.


Preparation: First Off, The Lao is weak against dragon elements, so good weapons to use would be the Smolder Dragon Sword*, Dragon Demolisher*, Ultimus Heaven and Earth*. If you cant get your hands on weapons such as these, I would suggest something with insane attack power, dragon or fire such as the Onslaught Hammer or Centenarian Dagger/Susano Blade*, wyvern blade blood, enternal strife, akantor bow, and fire/red or smolder dragonsword are good choices as well. Wear armor that boosts attack power, but also offers good defense in the case that you do get hit. High Grade Earplug(HGE) is also another good idea, so Rathalos Soul Armor should do fine with the right decorations. When ordering from the Felyne Kitchen, go for attack power over health increases.

Inventory: Power Charm/Power Talon* Armor Charm/Armor Talon* Farcaster Bomb Material(2)/Exciteshroom(2)(mix for farcaster) Mega Demon drug (3) Large Barrel Bomb+(2) Large Barrel(4) Gunpowder(4) Scatterfish(4) Small Barrel Bomb+(3) 10 Mega Potions Power Juice Book of Combos 1, 2, 3, 4 Paintball(2) 5 mega juices (If DSing) Other Good Ideas: Demon Flute More Bomb Supplies Power Pills

Execution: As soon as you can take control Of your character, you can hit him with a paintball if you throw it right. This lets you keep tabs on him when he is in the long walkways you cannot reach. Run into the Main Base and grab the ballista shots, the Supply Large Barrel Bomb+‘s, and Anti-Dragon Bombs if you so choose. Collect two more ballista rounds from the other room in the camp and proceed to the first area where he appears. Now, you should have some time before he appears to fill up your stamina bar, or use a Mega Demon-Drug. When he shows up, set Two Large Barrel Bomb+’s and use the Small Barrel Bomb+ to detonate them right on his face and you should immediately blast off his horn (which can be recovered in the reward box). From here, the easiest strategy would be to attack his belly/chest area non-stop while he is walking to deal as much damage as possible. If you wish, when he is about to cross underneath the walkway, you can pull away from the fight to place an Anti-Dragon Bomb (Don’t forget to carve off his back). Use Large Barrel Bomb+’s when he enters a new area to inflict pain on his head before you can attack his body. stay away from the tail, and constant wyvern dodge it, as it inflicts major damage. When he is about to enter Area 5, drink a Power Juice and grab a Cannon S from the pile in the weapon room in the main base. Run past the Ioprey in the next area and prepare for the final showdown. When his body is within range, fire the Cannon S, and begin firing the Ballista S at his back, going back for more if you wish. When he finally reaches the wall, use the Dragonator when he shoulder tackles the wall for full damage (75% if he is standing). Jump down and meet the “Old Mountain Dragon” face to face. From here on out the fight is about dealing as much damage as possible before the clock runs out. If you succeed at this, witness the marvel as a mountain literally falls from the sky…

Useful Tips: 1. Depending on what weapon you are using, you might inflict more damage just using your weapon than you would using an Anti-Dragon Bomb.

2.Only sharpen your weapon when sharpness drops below green.

3.When he is outside of your reach as he leaves an area, just use a Farcaster. Don’t risk getting juggled by his tail.

4.Fire off a Cannon S before he shows up to judge the shot distance.

5. Do not abandon the quest if you are running out of time. If you don’t kill him like the guide implies, you will still beat the quest if you deal enough damage.

  • Dell_from_Hell,Adnama HR:6

  • EDIT: Necrus Notes

1. The Drill weapon (called dragonator, operates with a O on the red button)on top of the fortress is worth using, you can only use every ten minutes so operate it wisely, it will cause serious damage to the Lao-Shan if used when he is closest to the fort's walls.

2. Anti-Dragon Bombs that you get for supplies can only be planted on the back of Lao-Shan

3. To get on it's back, jump onto it from a high bridge. You can get some carves from it, but carve it before you plant the bombs, otherwise it's timer will blow you off before you get them all

4. You can use Lao-Shan claws to upgrade you Power/Armor charms. Once you have upgraded the charm, you can re-buy it again to stack it bonuses

  • EDIT: Necrus
Lao-Shan Carves/Rewards

(Normal Shan)

Breaking Horn:

       Lao-Shan Horn X1 (100%)

Breaking Head:

       Lao-Shan Shell X1 (65%)
       Flat Ruststone X1 (7%)
       Large Ruststone X1 (7%)
       Small Ruststone X1 (7%)
       Ruststone Rod X1 (7%)
       Ruststone X1 (7%)

Breaking Back:

       Lao-Shan Shell X1 (75%)
       Flat Ruststone X1 (5%)
       Large Ruststone X1 (5%)
       Small Ruststone X1 (5%)
       Ruststone Rod X1 (5%)
       Ruststone X1 (5%)

Breaking Left Shoulder:

       Lao-Shan Scale X1 (58%)
       Lao-Shan Shell X1 (42%)

Breaking Right Shoulder:

       Lao-Shan Scale X1 (58%)
       Lao-Shan Shell X1 (42%)

Carving Body- 9 Carves

       Lao-Shan Scale (58%)
       Lao-Shan Shell (37%)
       Lao-Shan Claw (5%)

Carving Back- 3 Carves

       Elder Dragon Bone (35%)
       Lao-Shan Scale (28%)
       Dragon Stone (25%)
       Lao-Shan Shell (12%)

Edit: pwned227

If you are planning on doing this with 2-4 people here is what I recommend.

2 people- both using LS one attacks stomach the other attacks head same for DS and GS

LSxGS GS attacks head LS attacks stomach

DSxLS DS attacks head LS attacks stomach

HxH one attacks stomach other attacks head same for HH

LxL this is not recommended but If you are doing this both attack the stomach (same for GLxGL)

LSxBow/BG Ls attacks stomach bow attacks side from a distance (same for GS LS DS H L GL and HH x Bow/BG)

3 people same idea but two people on the stomach and one on the head for blade masters and gunners always attack the side

4 people just do everything the same as 2 people but with a extra person in each spot.

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