Lifepowder is an item found in some games of the Monster Hunter Series. It is an item that heals the hunter and any allies in the area. In Monster Hunter Tri, lifepowders can be made through combinations, and can also be found in the arena. If found in the arena, the Lifepowders act as additional potions to the hunter, and dissappear at the end of the quest.

Lifepowder is an essential part of playing Monster Hunter online. When any of your fellow hunters are in trouble, using Lifepowder will heal every team member in the area by around 50hp.

However, if your fellow hunters are using a damage boost skill like Felyne Heroics or Adrenaline, they may not be happy if you heal them, so pay attention!

[edit] How To Make It

  • Godbug + Wyvern Fang =Lifecrystals.
  • Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw = Lifepowder.
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