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Loc Lac City is one of the two villages, the other being Moga Village, Hunters can choose to reside in Monster Hunter 3 (tri). It is a huge bustling city with a very large Guild Organisation and is packed with Hunters on high-ranking quests.

The city also provides exclusive elder dragons not available in Moga as well as stronger weapons and armor obtainable in the higher ranked quests.

The city is divided into 5 sections.

The town gate, where you choose a server based on what level of experience you are and what it is you want to do (for example, recruit people for a quest). The gate's also home to Rockrack's information desk, helpfully telling you about special shop sales and special limited-time events.

The main square, where you trade items, buy tools/materials, and combine purchased or found materials together to make new things. There's also an "interior workshop," an outdoor stand that creates furniture for your guest house (more on that below) if you bring the owner the right items.

The tavern, where you pick up quests and eat food to power up your hunter before hitting the road. The bar's also home to the town colosseum, where tournaments are occasionally held.

The lodging row, where the guest houses are. The size of your guest house depends entirely on your hunter's rank; the better you get, the more luxurious it becomes. You can also invite friends to your place to hang out if you like.

The workshop, where you buy and upgrade/modify your weapons.

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